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I so enjoy your farm animal photos. : )

Well, since according to my grown daughers I am a little weird and since I like cutzie names... my vote is for Chickels. A little Chick along with a little sticKELS...

"I'd better get out of here before I'm glittered like everyone else and someone mistakes me for a 'Peep'."

NancyK in WI

Got glitter, chick?


"You can't put glitter on everything..or can you?!?"

Sweet photos!

Stickles pickles, like Dolly Partin says
"it's only guady if you don't have it"

Sheesh!!everything's bigger than me..even Stickles.

They are just too cute btw, I use to look after the chickens when I was a kid and loved it. It must have had an impact on my life as I have replicas all over the house. LOL
Thanks for the photos of these darlings.

Stickles are a girls best friend!!

Your hubby Alan has a heart of gold! Rescuing the wee lass! I would love to see a picture of the tiny chick in the palm of Alan's hand. Precious!

"I guess a tad more bling can't hurt!"

Stickles...not just for CHICKS.

I don't know if anyone already said that, but that's what popped into my head. Cute picture!!!

Does this color match my feathers?

How else do you think I got these fabulous highlights?

Hello, I am the Chick with the Stickles! :)

Look at how tall I've grown, Mom.

I don't have a caption exactly, BUT... it reminded me of how they say smurfs are 3 apples high... well this little chick is about one and a half Stickles high :)

That's how us stampers measure things.... in units of Stickles instead of inches.

Who left the stickles out!!!!!!

Chick's just want to have fun!
Chick's and Stickles are the perfect blend!
Find your passion, I found mine!
Thank goodness for rainy days and stickles!
Keep calm and get your craft on with stickles!
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter and stickles!
Behind every successful chick is a whole lotta' stickles!

Hi My names Chickles and I am addicted....

It's a CHEEP way to add a little sparkle to your creations.

Orange you smart to use Stickles? All the hot chicks do!

"Excuse me? You want to put that, where?"

Mardi Gras here I come!

Spray tan no more :O)

Oh no you don't, I am got adorable covered with out the sparkle!

I Stickles DIVA all sweet and sparkly

I'm The Yellow Chick of Texas sweetest one you've ever seen. My eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle just like stickles with a bright yellow sheen.

Oh yes, this is definitely my color!! I'll be the March pin-up chick for sure :)

This pic is just tooooo cute!!! I love all the suggestions. tfs

Do ya think this is the right color ????????

"So Tim Holtz approaches me to be the new Stickles model -- he's going to call me 'Chickles' and I'm going to go on tour with him and everything!"

"Couldn't you just die -- I mean TIM HOLTZ and me!"

I STICKLES DIVA----All sparkly and new. I made to stick to your heart with cuteness.

Got Stickles?

I'm here for my pedicure, this color please!

Which came first...the chicken or the stickles?

Okay Ms. Anna, I want my feet to sparkle like Dorothy's.

Too many good ones already!!! I want to know if you glued the chick down with the Stickles first so that you could catch that great pic!!

To bling or not to bling. That is the question.


This is not my Daddy ! ! !

Honey I'll stick to you like glue!

"Stickles...because every chick needs to show her sparkle!"

Uh-Oh.....time to start decorating Easter Eggs!!

I've been Stickled!

What cute answers!!! Here's mine:

"You stick with sparkles. . . I've got fluffy & cute covered."

Tarred and feathered? I'd much prefer Stickles and feathered...

Mine ideas were taken....ah well! Darling photo!

Every chick loves her Stickles!

Stickle with me baby!!!

Do these Stickles make me look fat or fluffly?

Me wanna SPARKLE !!!

How sweet!!
My sympathies by the way on the whole tooth thing (- and to Alan too ;-), as I've nurse-maided DH through a couple of unpleasant extractions). My last one was so long ago it was under anaesthetic and back when they kept you in hospital, so I barely remember a thing. OK, so I was only in my teens, I'm not antique yet.

I might need some help getting the lid off

wonder if orange high light would look good

That's not my shade of lip stick


Show me your sparkle, kid.

Glitter Chick!!


"Wonder if this would look good on my nails???......anybody looking?"

First thing that came to mind..."Sticky Chick"...lol...

Chickles sold here!

At least my color is all natural!

"Stickles. Because I'm worth it."

Is this as good as the coat she made for Tiny Tim?

Think Miss Anna will notice if I try this?

Stickles Chickle!

Stickles...Use it on almost anything!

Every Chick Needs Some Glitz!
Show OFF!
Is This Edible Too?

"Do you think this color looks good with my complexion?"

Every Chick wants a little Sparkle and Bling...

Cute photo!

%Hmpf% Who needs all that sparkle when you've got cute fluffy feathers anyways?!?!
:)-M.Wallace, IL

Sure you're sparkly, but I'm BIGGER!

Hey good lookin'!

Crafty chick.

"Are you my Mother?"


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