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I love your drawing! It kinda looks like you, honestly. =) Maybe that's why it looks so nice. And I'm happy for your successful surgery!

Heck yeah she should!! I LOVE her Anna!! But then again, there aren't any I don't LOVE! I could just look at your cards all day!! *sigh*

She's adorable! Reminds me of Pippy Longstocking... whom I adored and loved reading about as a child!

Glad you are feeling better.

She is adorable! Glad to hear your surgery and immediate recovery went well!

Glad to hear things with the surgeon went smoothly! Most definitely, she should be given over to Whipper Snapper, so that we all can buy her!

I bet you are happy thats over! Good Luck with your recovery.


You must be on some awesome drugs to be able to draw this well after oral surgery- you go girl! I love her and think she definitely should be immortalized in rubber:)'

What a relief to hear that the extraction and implant went smoothly and that you're okay. I was rootin' fer ya.

Yes - Yes - YES! Whipper Snapper needs to make this image in rubber because I MUST bring this one home with me.

Wow up and drawing and posting cards, way to go Anna! So glad it all went well.
This country bumpkin is sure adorable.

Anna, I'm so glad the oral surgeon visit is successfully behind you - this card is darling and yes, the minute I looked at it I thought about your ordeal!! No, I don't think the post is signaling the aliens. Yes, I would have loved to see you being all chatty with a wad of gauze in your mouth! What a hoot!


So glad you made it through the surgery okay. Those pain pills helped produce a pretty darned cute card! Love your toothy & toothless bumpkin. Hugs.

Definitely! What a fun image!!! Glad to hear your surgery went smoothly. I'm giggling at your ad's comment :)

So glad you're up and about and that the surgery went well! I tell ya, nothing can keep a good artist down, not even pain meds and stitches in the mouth. This little girl is amazing and definitely stamp-worthy! Such pretty coloring--oh my!

Glad your oral surgery went well. I really love this little toothless gal, looks a bit like my daughter. It would make a wonderful rubber stamp.

This is too funny and I'm glad you are doing well! I got the verdict of a root canal and crown so will be doing the first step next week.

Your tale reminds me of my oral surgery. Doc said "Count backwards from 100" and I got to 90, then he was saying "Can you make it down the hall if I help you?" My kind of surgery! Of course your toothless gal needs to be a stamp!

So glad to hear that all went well for you!

YES, this little gal NEEDS to be made into a stamp ~ I'd order her in a heartbeat! Absolutely adorable!

Anna, happy to hear all went well. Yes! Make your bumpkin girl into a stamp. Her toothy grin is adorable.

Anna's dad, "take a trip and never leave the farm" - LOL I loved that song.

Well yes she should be advailable in rubber! Too too cute. She certainly brings a smile. *big grin* And aren't you talented! I can not draw this good anytime- much less on pain meds!!!
So glad to hear that the implant post went well. So happy you did not get the "grossness" this time.

Absolutely! Maybe a boy too? My 4 year old has more teeth than my 7 year old at the moment! His teeth are falling out of his head! Very cute card and glad to hear all went well!

Adorable image. Lots of big solid areas for those of us who aren't quite as skilled at the colouring as you are! Glad your surgery went well.

Awww...bless you! Nothing less fun that a trip to the oral surgeon. Feel better soon.

I love this darling girl. Reminds me of myself when I was her age...about 100 years ago. tee hee! I sure love the ribbon. It's perfect with the image and the sentiment too!

So glad to hear that things went well today. Love your card! She's really cute.

That works for Dad! Pain meds....."take a trip and never leave the farm" I sure hope the stuff lasts until the stitches come out, you better feed some to Alan and life will be a bed of roses. The chores may not get done but all will be fine for the two of you!...... Love,Dad....

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