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Love your card....fabulous coloring!

Oh oh! Baby alert! I love that series of photos of the two chicks where the little girl chick can't keep her eyes open and finally falls over . . . so cute! And what a tiny, tiny little chick with the Stickles! Love the eyes on the dark one. She's dreamy.

You can tell Easter isn't that far away when baby chicks start showing up on Anna's blog! Love them! So cute and tiny. The mystery chick will be fun to see grow up.

Your man sure knows the way to a girl's heart! I'd take a couple of sweet little chicks over flowers ANYDAY! Go Alan!!!!

Oh my, they are so sweet! Makes me wanna cuddle up with all of them on my chest!

WoW! I gotta know about this black eyed chick. It should be a very cool looking adult bird. Need more "input" get more of these, you have to have at least a pair of them, maybe more, what's another dozen when you have thousands of chickens on the plantation. Right?.....Love, Dad

Hi Anna!! I'm so glad I saw this post today - it just made me feel so happy and that everything is right in the world! You have such a way of sharing - and your Alan has such a romantic way of showing you that he loves you!


Oh NO, it's "Trips to the Feed Store" season! Oh the cuteness that will follow!!!! That picture should SO be an add that Ranger has on their website...Stickles 'N Chicks, eeeeek!

Oh my goodness..I am so jealous...can't have 'em the city...where I live.
The little lady with the eye make up looks like you could name her Gothic Gal. She is gorgeous. What a nice surprise from your hubby. Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma

They are just too cute!!!!

Ooooh, how cute are they!!!! And, what fun to have some baby chicks cheepin' close by:)

Isn't that guy of yours the sweetest? Good luck with all of your darling new babies. Happy Weekend.

OMG they are so cute. Makes you want to take them all home. Thanks for sharing.

Anna - this is just what I needed to make my whole day cheerful! Love your new peeps!

Very cute. I have 8 freshly hatched bantam chicks from two of my ladies. They're so tiny and fluffy. I hurry home from work to check on them and they always great me with a peep.

They are so adorable and so little especially, when you compare it to the stickles bottle. I am so glad they have found a wonderful home.

How cool would that be to have a husband who brings you chicks instead of flowers! Oh you lucky girl! I'm always the grown-up at the petting zoo or State Fair holding a baby chick, letting it fall asleep in my hand while I admire what a sweet little soul it is!

Guess your hubby is a real Stickler for cuties.

Alan has just won the *Hero* award for this week. How thoughtful and what a precious gift to you Anna. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend!

I love your animal pictures - makes me want to live on a farm!

And the calves say, "Oh, Anna Mom, how soon you have forgotten us. *sniff* Now, it's all about those darn tiny fluffy peeping things."

I think the last one is that rare raccoon chick breed, it's usually found rummaging through garbage cans and stuff.
Such a bunch of cuties, glad they all found a new home.


Oh, Anna - what a wonderful "just because" gift! They are adorable. I LOVE the little brown one! Are you going to name them all? Just think, they'll all grow up to have delightful personalities!! Have fun!! xo

Anna, these babies are so adorable! Alan is a real keeper and very thoughtful! Can't wait to see them all grown up and ready to lay eggs!

Awwww! They're sooo adorable :) Have never seen one with the coloring of the last one and am looking forward to what you find out about HER. Looks like she'll be a feisty one. Your Alan is a good guy to rescue the little cuties!

I LOVE baby chicks! We are to get more snow this weekend and it's still too cold for us to get our babies yet. Can't wait til next month when we order ours.

I loved all the name ideas everyone came up with too. They are so creative. All I could think of is "You want to do WHAT to me with that?!"

Ah, this takes me back... we had chickens when I was growing up in the early 80s. We had one banty rooster who was sure he was in charge of the whole place. Every spring we'd head into the local Agway and listen to the cheep-cheep-cheep of all the new chicks. My dad perfected his cheepy whistle and would walk around the store doing it, laughing to himself while the sales clerks were hunting everywhere for the "lost chick". Dads. What can you do? LOL To this day, I sometimes get voicemails that are nothing more than that cheepy whistle. C:

They are ALL too stinkin' cute! We'll be hatching some little darlings soon...I can't wait! I feel like a kid at Chirstmas!

I wondered if there where babies when you posted the chick and sticles photo! Too cute. Love the tiny one and the dark one with beautiful eyes. Reminds me of Cleopatra!!! Looking forward to frequent updates, hugs...

SO cute! Makes me want one!!!

Oh, so cute!

I am so insanely jealous of your chickens. I want some of my own so bad. Please post pictures of them every day :)

Oh my goodness. They're so cute! I can't believe how small the little white one is. Love that you used a stickles bottle for reference. :) Alan is a keeper!

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