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Now that is a garden!!! Looking forwards to seeing the results!

Looks like a plan to me-you surely do love your 'squashes'! I will just have some salad greens, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and hopefully room for some cucumbers.

Did I read that correctly? You're planting chocolate?? You just moved up another notch on my list! : )

We have raised beds for our garden - it's the only way to go. Have fun planting and harvesting. Hugs.

Yum! How I love tomatoes fresh from the garden! Enjoy!

You "grow" girl! Can't wait to see pics of your project. I would love to have raised beds but can't spring for it yet. It would be much easier on my back. You're lucky to have your own fertilizer too...I have to buy mine and haul it home. Never had patty pan bread. Do you make it like zucc. bread?

I love Shala's interpretation of her garden. Delicious weeds! LOL. I am contemplating on putting a raised garden in
as well. Fresh tomatoes and zuchinni sound
good. Haven't done that for years, but with
the shortage of veggies this year, I think it is time to go back to home grown. BTW,
I have never heard of chocolate peppers?

Wowwwwwwwwwwww, and I thought my Dad was anal retentive!!!!! lol!!!!!! I guess we call it Obsessive Compulsive now. ;) I'm glad I have a view in my head of what this all will look like when it is grown up. I have big plans for my garden, too! I plan on growing the same weeds I did last year. They are delish!
You go girl!

Okay, I checked over this "plan" for this year and took a look at last year's. Garden looked very healthy last year. Loved the Anna "sketch" better than the computer model :)

Yummy garden! Lucky you, I didn't see any dang ole Brussel sprouts in the mix! I have a love/hate relationship with them. LOVE, love, love to eat them but man, I hate cleaning them! LOL!

WOW, it looks like you will be adding lots of space. (And Work!) I will have to draw up our garden and send you a look at it. :) I don't recall ever seeing a grand total on the produce tally last year. Hugs...

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