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Hello Anna - I've just come across your blog via Splitcoast Stampers, it's fab! Love your wee hen video. Can I ask what breed the black one with the tiny comb and white ears is? Does she lay white eggs?

Great video! The one in the center of the feed pan is hilarious! She's got it all figured out! haha
Your Dad is SUCH a GEM. He is so wonderful. I love reading his comments, and it makes me happy to know you have such a great Dad! :D
Sulley, our dog, is barking at the hens clucking~~too funny! A warm hello to the ladies! :o)

Love it!!!!

Oh how wonderful to get to visit! The ladies look splendid! :)

I love visiting your blog Anna, just to see if your Dad has written any comments. He sure didn't disappoint today!

WOW! What beautiful fowl you have. The one I really liked was sort of a golden color with a Rod Stewart 'do. I love your blog. So entertaining and inspirational too!

I think it sounds like the chickens are asking why why why why why WHYYYYYYYY is it so dang cold?! ha ha!

They've cancelled school here in metroplex for the 3rd day in a row. In all my (ahem 40-something mumble mumble) years I don't remember this ever happening in Texas. I want the 70-degree weather from last weekend back :)

Mr Pip (my tomcat) really enjoyed this "chick flick" and sat on my lap to watch

Such wonderful chicken sounds. Did that black hen lay an egg and decide to announce it to the world?

Hey Anna,
The chickens are awesome! Does you area have the blackouts like DFW? I live about 5 minutes form the Dallas Cowbow Stadium, Super Bowl and we are having the blackous, its suppose to be for 15min. every hour, but its like 30min, and it really gets cold fast! Hope the chickens are staying warm! Hoping some day to see the sun!!!

Sweet. Thanks for sharing that. Wish I could have a few chickies!

That blue, gold, white chicken is gorgeous! Baaa-gaaaawwwk!

OK, you asked for it! I know you meant "combs" not "cones" my rather "dry" Montana humor dictates a joke here but I shall just say that the term comes from the usual jagged edge on the top side of the tissue on top of the head nearly all chickens have them, male or female unless a genetic mutation sneaks in. under the beak is the wattle, mine is not so big as others I have seen, these traits are seen almost from hatching more so in some breeds than others. Anna likes mixed breeds, sorta like mixed nuts, more fun to look at in the bowl. chuckle chuckle Or a big bag of M&M's with all the pretty colors. This practice of mixing breeds also gives varigated eggs! However not striped or paisley. Roosters do have larger combs, they are a lot more sexy, hens are drab as a way of hiding their nests in the wild. Cross a polish girl with a frizzled rooster and you get..... to laugh for hours at the funny feathered Las Vegas show chicks..... spectacular! Love, Dad Oh yah..... cones come from Baskin and Robins and I snagged a couple on the highway once to use as funnels. wink

Loved the sweetie in the feed pail!! Thank you for sharing with us.

My dear, your questions make me giggle! Thank you for asking them!! :) Chickens, both hens and roosters, have combs (the red pointy things on their heads). Some are just bigger, or taller, or shorter, or fatter, or fancier than others. Now Im sure my Dad will have some other colorful remark to make in response to your question ... so, watch out!! :)

Keep Cozy! -Anna.

They are noisey little buggers aren`t they *grin* :) But all so cute!

Ok now for the dumb question of the day (I`m apologizing in advance people) - I always thought the chickens with the red cones on their heads (I think that is the correct term) were the boys - the Roosters? Am I anywhere near right?

TFS Anna xxoo

Hello Anna - Your ladies look like BIG BALLS OF FEAHTERS trying to stay warm!!

I had the same thought as Carol Dee - What! No painted or decorated walls for the ladies?

Barbara in Bellflower

MY goodness such a lovey bunch of ladies here. I have been in plenty of chicken coops but never with such a variety of pretty breeds, hugs...

I like this video for several reasons. I like the memories of listening to my chickens. Esp the "hey, I laid an egg!" cluck. :) I like the "wow, I'm so cool, I'm scratching in a pile of food to see if I can find some food." And, really, why hadn't we noticed the relationship to dinosaurs on our own, without scientists? Also, Anna, I'm surprised you haven't wallpapered or stamped on the inside of the hen house. *giggle*

oh wow....they didn't seem to be to disturbed having you video tape them.....I have always wanted chickens but never lived anywhere you could have them in your yard, oh well...hope you don't lose any more from the cold

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