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Aw Callio-Pea is so cute! Thanks for sharing

Oh my, I totally love these photos! Callio-Pea is adorable. That's so cute that she's trying to eat Alan's glove (hopefully not his finger too). The kitties are so pretty! Love the lighting in their photos. And sorry to mention this, but you have snow in TX, and we have none in WA. Unbelievable.

I'm SO behind! The pix are great, and C.P. cracks me up! She is truly a "goat", in the "I'll eat anything" sense! What a doll. So sweet and cute!
The cats are precious, of course I have a special place in my heart for cats and cattle!
LOVE the pix, thanks for sharing and making me smile. :)

I enjoy your barnyard photos they bring me a warm feeling and I can see where they are living in paradise there on your farm!
The first picture under "name this photo" I enter the title "Mr. Boowinkle."
Thanking you for bringing sunshine into our lives.
Mary Ann Herzog

Anna, You are so bless with these wonderful animals. Each of them have their way of showing their love.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

I absolutely LOVE the pictures of Callio-Pea as she gazes adoringly at Alan. It sure seems like ALL the animals adore him...and you too! Thank you for sharing your slice of life with us animal lovers that aren't lucky enough to live on a farm. Hope you have a wonderful day! Crystal N - Winston-Salem, NC

Callio-Pea should have been called Sweet Pea ... she sure is sweet! I didn't notice until today that goats have very unusual eyes...("better to see you with, my dear") says Baaaaad Boxcar Betty!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos Anna and glimpses of farm life. Callico Pea is sooooo sweet whereas Baaaaaad Boxcar Betty usually has me LOL. Wonderful to hear the Chicks so busy eating and making eggs in your previous video ----love them. Has anyone been in the house in this cold weather???

Oh the pictures of Callio-Pea is just so cute! I really love to look at the pictures of your animals, you are so lucky who lives on a farm!

Have a nice weekend! Its not so often I write here, but I follow you every time you blog :)

Hugs from Desiree in Norway :)

Thank you for giving us some outside farm photos. Animals are fun to watch. Each has it's own personality. As for kissing a goat .... on the lips .... I think I'll pass on that one. They are kind of cute in the pictures but I know goats and they are very curious creatures which usually gets them in trouble.

I'm enjoying the calendar that I won from the giveaway. You've really inspired me to maybe make one of my own next year. My daughter, who works for Walgreen, tells me that the photo department can make a calendar with my photos. I just love this world of technology.

Have a great farm yard day.

Awww, Miss Callio-pea has the sweetest face. :) She sounds like a real love. A nusiance when she is too CLOSE ! LOL. She sure looks like she LOVES Alan. Just too cute.
Toad and Dash do not seem to mind the snow. I can send some if they want more!
Betty looks busy with the hay and behaving (for the moment.)
Have a fun and relaxing weekend, hugs...

Oh, Callio Pea is just tooooooooo cute. I just want to kiss her on the head and snuggle her!! Love how the hay is on her face and head... too cute. I hope she didn't put a hole in Alan's glove...LOL!! Thanks for all the pics of your life on the farm. You have one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs and I love coming here to read what you've been up to. One of these days I might just show up at the farm to hug and snuggle all those beautiful animals...and you too. :0)

My friend Kim has exactly the same problem. She has some bottle goats and wants photos, but they are snugged up against her. I want to go and take photos for her, but the weather has been so bad here! I like the first pic of Callipea where she is gazing adoringly at Alan. :)))

Your photos are wonderful and I really so enjoy the updates on the farm antics.
crazy, but I feel like they are family - Betty the black goat and all!

Oh such sweet little faces. How can you resist kissing on them? I'll bet you can't. Wonderful photos and resolution.

Hey Anna --- THANK YOU so very much for giving me some updated pics of my naughty friend, Bad Boxcar Betty ! She certainly looks like she has filled out a bit and has gotten darker in colour.
Both goats are sooo adorable; I think there is something sweet about their mouths and those kissable lips.

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