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I have two pressure cookers (but not the kind for canning). I love making soup and cooking potatoes in mine. Mom has a canning one and two other smaller ones. We love them! Just don't cook beans or macaroni in them . . . .

I'd love to hear which canner you decide on. I have been researching them also and I, too, have a smooth top stove. I have my eyes on an All American Pressure Canner because there are no seals to go bad.

I hope Mr. Farley and Miss Daisy did well at the vets!

Hmmm, love to hear how the canner works out. I just do it the old fashioned way. There ain't nuttin' like a jug of tomaters in February!

Nice looking canner. I am so inept at canning. The last batch of tomaotes I did all went bad. I have put them in the freezer ever since.

Anna - make sure your vet examines their mouths - THOROUGHLY. My cat was diagnosed less than a month ago with squamous cell carcinoma. My vet didn't examine her mouth at all and a different doctor found it --- too late to treat the condition. I let my sweet Lacy go just this morning.

I'll be eager to know how you like the pressure cooker if you get it. I've been considering one and know my mom and grandmother always used them for canning. I just use the old stovetop canning type but I find they wear out after a couple of years. LUCKY YOU to be even able to think about canning. I can't even consider planting until late May! Sigh... (note jealousy in the sigh... jk)

Our dog doesn't like the vet visit either. One time they gave her a treat and she spit it out in front of the vet. I picked it up and she ate it when we got home.My mom has used a pressure cooker for years and loves it. Have fun shopping on your day off.

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