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That looks wonderful! The only homemade yogurt I ever had was so tart that it set my teeth on edge. You're my heroine for trying new things.

I like yogurt once in a while on my granola, but not enough to go to all this trouble. My new fave to put my no-sugar-added, low fat, vanilla yogurt on is Just Bunches, the good part from Honey Bunches that Post started packaging separately. Yumm.

It looks yummy! I may have to give it a try :)

Woot, woot! INDEED!! I'm so excited for you - this is awesome!

This is definitely something that I am going to have to try.

GAGGGGGG--PUKE But still love you, MOM

Don't know where you find the time to be so creative in your kitchen. Enjoy your new discovery!

And your Dad ... well he just continues to crack me up! Box Car Betty as as the mother ...

I am continually amazed at just what sort of stuff you come up with. Be cautious of what you do, you may be under the watchfull eye of the local government for running a small business without a permit. But you are really a cottage industry in the making. (giggle here) Cheese next? maybe you should get a pigmy ram and make goat milk products? Box Car Betty would be a hoot as a mother.........Love, Dad hum, frozen yogurt?

How does it compare to the Fage? Is it as good?

this is something I've never tried. We love yogurt and I'm going to have to try this!

Glad it turned out well for you. I love yogurt but have never tried to make it. Your chickens are going to love it if you share some with them.

I am glad that worked for you. You can do ANYTHING :) hugs...

Anna - I'm thrilled to know your yogurt making adventure proved to be so successful. Thanks for posting the process in your previous post. I think I may just try this (okay, My Alan will be trying it out).

I'm glad your yogurt was a success. I used to make it years ago for my husband who took a container every day in his lunch. I can't remember all the details now--we're talking 30 years ago--but I do remember buying yogurt with active cultures to use as my starter and putting it in my oven. I heated the oven to a low temperature, turned it off, put the mixture in glass containers and left them in overnight. It made wonderful yogurt. We flavored it with preserves and jam.

Good for you! Do you think that you might post the process for us and your set up? I would love to know because I have always wanted to make my own yogurt but cannot find a yogurt maker for the life of me anywhere near where I live. Congrats on a yummy success! :D

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