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Your first attempt was good enough! Did you make another one immediately? Hehe, people probably have their own ways of making yogurt, and it all depends on their taste. In my opinion, the most commonly used fruits as flavor are bananas and strawberries. What's your fave?

Yum! I use a similar method--4 pint jars with "yogurt milk" fit perfectly inside my "vintage" 1978 golden brown crock pot. I fill it with warm water (correct temp), put the lid on, a big towel over top, and put that on top of the heating pad. I use the similar set up for my rising sourdough bread--minus the jars and water, of course! That old pot gets a workout in my kitchen.

I make it in the crock pot, which I think would be easier than your method. Might want to try it. Very yummy.
Just google 'crock pot yogurt' for details.

Being on a dairy farm and having access to 5,000 gallons every couple of days, I decided many years ago to give this a whirl!! With 7 in the family back then, a researching friend hooked my up with a company that had a unit to do a 2 quart container in its own hot water bath. It uses a mug of hot water, and regulates its temp. The company also had packets of powdered starter for each batch. I don't use it much anymore and since they found active starter in some of the Egyptian pyramids, I figure keeping mine in the freezer should work just as well!! I'm not much of a fan of the stuff but hubby LOVES it. My fave way to prepare is to add a tsp or 2 of a strawberry/rhubarb/pineapple preserve that we make or make yogurt cheese by dumping the batch in a clean stocking and letting the whey drain out; then, make Tzatziki, a wonderful Greek spread with garlic, cucumber, dill and sea salt.

I love that show "Good Eats"! Mostly the science behind the food making, but also Alton Browns quirky-ness!

I am glad your yogurt experiment turned out fabulous!

I have never even considered making my own yogurt. But I sure do eat a lot of it. I get the vanilla fat free and add my own fruit. That way I can get a full serving (1 cup) and not 1/2 or 3/4 serving that is in the little ones. I will be watching to see how yours turns out.

I am not a big yogurt eater. I tried plain yogurt once and thought is was awful. Will eat t the fruit flavor (not as good for you) ones. So I bought some greek yogurt to see if I like that better. figure it is good for you.
I am pretty sure I will not be making any! Looks pretty labor intensive.

I love the thought of using mason jars and a heating pad! I'm currently using a yogurt maker to ferment mine, but the jars are little and with 5 of us eating it, it feels like I make it everyday! I can't wait to see how yours turns out so I can give it a try! TFS!

Well hell, I don't even know my kitchen to my own kitchen! So no, of course I don't cook, and I certainly don't know how to make yogurt but I had to stop by and tell you how I love the idea of your homemade yogurt. I love your photos and succinct explanation too. I'll be the one waiting here, with baited breath, to read your all about Part Deux.

I eat Fage yogurt EVERY day. Love it. I've made my own a couple times and have been wanting to make some again. We have a yogurt maker - it has individual pint-sized cups. I also made cheese one time - it's like cream cheese. Really good. I like to eat mine with blueberries and a dash of honey.

I don't have anything fancy to make mine... I started off using starter from the store (plain unflavored yogurt) and since then just take a few spoonfuls from the bottom of the jar to make the next batch. I usually make about 1 - 1-1/2 quarts at a time, and I use powdered milk at about a 1:2 ratio with the water. I put the starter in my jars first then heat the milk separately with a spoonful or 2 of sugar, just finger-testing the heat. I put the milk in the jars and shake them up well, then put them in a hot water bath in a closed tin inside a softside cooler. Usually sets within 3-4 hours. I used to mix the yogurt and milk together before heating but overheated once, and ended up with a mess. Mine doesn't always set up well the first time with a new starter, but you can still use the results for baking, as well as starter for your next batch. Good luck, Anna!!

YUM! Can't wait to see what happens!

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