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Hi Anna, I'm so sorry about the teenagers!!
I love the groundhog. Looking forward to reading your blog!!

This is the BEST groundhog ever! So funny and cute!

I'm sorry about your young chicken. :( It's the back and forth of the weather that's so difficult--I wish it would make up its mind whether to be warm or cold.

12 degrees is cold in MT, too! Love the groundhog! Our local groundhog, Murray, saw his shadow, so we are in for another 6 weeks of winter. Ugh.

Yaaahoooo! the ground hog saw his shadow. That means an early spring! And as Red Green would say "hang in there, we're all in this together" Love, Dad

Hi Anna - I adore all your sneak peaks and your new line of Critters =) Sorry to hear about the cold and losing one of your chicks, I know that can`t be easy XXOO

I was wondering how your featherless chicken is doing - Thomas I think? Haven`t seen any pics of him recently or heard you talk about him, so I`m just hoping he`s doing well and growing some much-needed feathers :)

And as Always, Love & Treats to Bad Boxcar Better ! LOL

eek!, what a cute little groundhog. I love his little hat and mug of coffee. Sorry to hear about your poor chickie. Mine have been riding out the bad weather in the coop today, we had, snow, then lots of ice, and now tonight high winds.

Oh, Anna, what a great little critter! Is he a stamp or just your contibution to the day?? I "celebrated" with a small blizzard of only about 12" of snow, but the drifts are large. Waiting for Jeff to plow me out as my snow blower isn't up to this kind of work. And I didn't get out to work today. Not sad, no I'm not, other than that you lost a chickie. All in all, it was a good way to spend my birthday. Wouldn't ya know I missed your treats post, though. Stay warm!

OMG, that is the cutest little groundhog with his mug o' cocoa/tea/coffee! (And I do NOT like groundhogs, bad critters did a number on my garden several summers ago.) It is cold here, too. But the blizzard with about 18 inches of snow and high winds really took us out. A snow day from school is always welcome. But then DH did not get to go to work as roads where impassable. :( Thankfully thjings are clearing and road crews are out in force. Stay warm. Big snowy hugs...

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