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Mmmmm, isn't birthday cake MOO-velous?

Mom, did you see what Baaaad Boxcar Betty did to me?

S'not Snow!!

Are you laughing at me??

Just making some icecream...

Snow, the other white food :)

"MMMMMmmmmmmm, snow cream!!!"

Got milk?

Gag me with a spooon!

That SNOW Bull!!

Baby its cold outside!

honest officer, it's snow!

With that "come hither" gleam in his eye, he looks like "Mr. January" for your 2012 calendar!

"I didn't do it...."

"I live in Texas for a reason. And this is not it."

I thought it was ice cream!

How about (like he is slurring) "Ssss-no more, I need a little sun"

I can't think of a caption but that picture is sooo funny! It made me laugh because his eyes look like he is drunk and his nose/mouth looks like it is covered in marshmallow. (though I know it's snow)!!! hee hee

Snow. The other white meat.

This beef says 'where is the flavour'

I think we need a snow plow----my nose is wearing out !!

hmmmm. Not quite what I expected here!

What the heck is this? It's sooo Cold!

Gently pat dry after a few moments. Apply moisturizer and let stay overnight.

Hey, farmer people, I need this stuff in July! Save some for me, 'kay?

Snow.... It does a body good.

Snow Ice Cream is Oh SnOw Good!!!

MmmMmmm; whipped cream!

bulls eye

Got snow?

"Laugh at me. I dare you. Just remember, I've got horns."

Snose cone anyone?

ooooooooooh that's cold!!

Only 14 feet more to go...

sNOw Bull, it really snowed in Texas!

You've got to be kidding?!

You're Getting Drowsy....
Very Drowsy.....
Now stick your snoot in the snow....

Got Sugar?

What you lookin' at?

Cold nose, warm heart!!

I need a tissue. :)

I'm so wasted!

Ooowwwww, Brain Freeze!

Great picture. lol

"Ooooh, this is snooooow good!"


"Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face?"

You caught me! Now can I have another powdered donut?

"I love snow cones, I just wish I had some cherry flavoring instead of this lemon"

"what are you looking at?" Is there something on my face?

"ho, ho, ho"

Oh, the obvious has to be 'got milk?'

Gosh, I have to stop and read before I send :) It should read -

It's refreshing and - it has no calories!!

It's refresing and - it's got no calories!!

"Too much winter...all right already!"

mmm good, but where's the cherry!

Well it LOOKED like ice cream!

Of course "Got milk?" is the obvious so how about "Why yes, I did just have a powdered donut -- how did you know?"

Yummmmmm this is so good, it makes me tingle all over.

Hey, there is plenty more where this came from...Dig in........

What... at least I didn't stick my tongue to a pole.

What are you lookin' at?!

"Everything tastes better with Cool-Whip!"

Yum those powdered dounuts are good.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is "Got snow?", but also "What you lookn at?" or "How you doin?"

Milk + Snow = Ice Cream

Got milk?

No way officer! I didn't do it. I don't do drugs. I swear!

~ It wasn't me, I swear ~ I don't even like frosting!!

~ Uh, oh, now they know who's been in the powdered sugar!!

~ Lip smackin' good!!

LOL SO cute!! Mine is kinda like Jessi's...
What? Do I have something in my teeth? lol

I LOVE me a snowcone!

WOW! that was close, I almost got frozen to the gate post, that smarts!

"Is it on straight?"
If you've seen the Airport movies you'll remember the scene with the lady trying to put her lipstick on while the plane is bumping up and down. It's smeared all over her face and she looks over at her seat partner and utters the above phrase. Too funny!

Is something wrong? It's white snow not yellow!

The first thing that came to me is....I like milk too!


See I told you the Packers would win!!! :D

This reminds of those milk ads where they say "Got milk?" but in this case it would have to be "Got snow?". Yea, seems like others have had the same train of thought. Great minds.....

Don't look at me..Boxcar Betty ate your donuts.

What are YOU staring at?

Just Milk

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Oh No !!! I hear a siren....The jig is up.

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

How about:

"Does this snow make my butt look big?"


Do I have something on my face?

You didn't need that Cool Whip, did you?


My 6 year old says it everytime I look at him.

Powdered donuts? What powdered donuts?

"Thank god we got snow this time, I'm so sick of snorting the usual gravel"

It's white snow!

Want some?

Want a kiss?

No ma, I haven't been into the ice cream. Why?

Got Snow? like Got Milk, only snow.

"Thank god we got snow this time, I'm so sick of snorting the usual gravel"

sugar lips

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Snow cream anyone?


Snow cone... What Snow cone???

Look I'm Santa!

Boy, That snow cone was good!

Jennifer beat me to it, Got Snow? was the 1st thing that came to mind. Love the expresion on his/her face. Warm Hugs...

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