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I don't know why, but I find it quite entertaining to I see a house with a chicken compass (is that what it's called?) on the roof. I just find them adorable. Hehe. They seem to be rare these days though.

Love how you combined these two stamps into a chicken scene! That's wonderful paper too.

This is so sweet! I love the different sized twines and the fluffy clouds!

Hey! I just realized that the chicken house is the same color and shape as the one here at home. Well I'll be jiggered! It will of course look excellent on the display that mom is planning here in the new sewing and craft room! I would think a complete collection of all of your card designs would be worth 8 or 10 bucks easy!!
The slush is getting deeper here gotta go Mom just drove up.......... Love, Dad

I like these all cards very much. I got lots of fun from these cards. And the cards are looking awesome. Romeo and the colors are adorable.

Oh gees, this is SOOOOO CUTE!!! I have card envy right now. LOL

This is so fun. Great colors & that Romeo is adorable. I think you will start a new craze with the use of that cute yarn bow. And, boy are you industrious - making your own yogurt, wow. Sounds like it's delicious. Hugs.

Beautiful Anna, that chick makes me smile everytime!

What a darling card. Love the coop and chicken. Another one of your fabulous cards.

This is so so cute! LOVE!

Love it Anna, would fit in on the farm here. You just put so much detail in your cards with all the coloring.
Have a great day.

This is so beautiful! I really do love your style, and especially your coloring. While I do miss that totally you style of watercoloring, I love how you have been working those markers!
Sophia Landry

Oh my I LOVE this card Anna! I'm a sucker for your chicken images anyway, but the coop just steals my heart! We have a 40's vinatge coop in our backyard that looks very much like your stamp (our house used to sit on a dairy farm)...no chickens unfortunately. It's the closest this city girl gets to farm life. LOL!

so dang cute!!!! I love the little touches of glitter you add.

Adorable (so is that frog in your shorts)! You make the BEST cards - - not only are they extrmeley appealing to my eyes, but they often give me a grin. Wish I was closer and I'd be one of your egg customers. That homemade yogurt looks interesting. If it was plain, I'd probably add just a smidgen of brown sugar and make it a fruit dip. New rule - only come here AFTER I've eaten!?!

Is that a gleam in Romeo's eye I detect?

Love the coop card. After weeks of laying the bare minimum our chickens are finally filling the boxes each day, and today I let them play along the stream.

Awww who could resist Romeo? Another really fun card. I have got to get more October Afternoon papers. My Thrift shop pad is getting thin. :) Hugs...

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