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I LOVE YOUR CHICKENS! So darling, a must have. It's been awhile :). Hugs my friend.

So pretty... I like Your chicken tags are adorable. I love them. It looking so wonderful and impressive.

Oh Anna, you couldn't be more right about the dies,designer does not mean crafter. I can't tell you how many times I have used their dies in other creative ways and I'm shocked that symetrical dies are not the same on both sides/ends?!! Which boggles my brain to no end. I have both of these dies and I love your sparkly chickens!! And they are perfect for spring. I got the rooster die at the same time as my chicken, haven't used my chicken except for the first cut to make sure it worked. TY for your Springy chickie inspiration. I love that the thick sizzix dies can cut many layers at one time.

Anna, sorry to be so dumb, but did you adhere the various pieces of DP to another sheet of cardstock, use the tag die cut on them, sew the lines, and THEN attach the set to the tag chipboard? Or do you have something that will run it all through at once? These are super cute! Love the quilted look and the sparkly chicks.

Your chicken tages are adorable. I love them. So pretty.

Uh-oh I didn't know that I stole Mr. Wight's line...I just read back, oops!

Oh soo cute...I didn't even know they had a die as cute as that (although anatomically incorrect ;)

i actually HAVE this die! I'm so excited... you know, she looked a little odd to me too, but you're alterations are much cuter. now i just need to get a machine to use! :) i bought the die on clearance b/c i thought it was absolutely adorable!

Your chick tags are so adorable - thanks for the tips on fine tuning the die cut! Hugs.

These tags are so gorgeous! I knew that when I saw that die something didn't look quite right! Now I know!!! Fabulous tags. I have to tell you I cannot say how much I love these two tags......

Love, love, love!!! So adorable! Love OA too!

Oh so adorable ... what is it about adding some glitter or glitz that just makes the entire project come to life?!

Adorable...as usual!

You surgical procedure giving her just the right "lift" was a great decision.. :) I grew up having a pet chicken. She was cute but not as cute as these.. I LOVE the music paper you used.. OA is my favorite designer paper to..Love the quotes on that sheet. I am hoarding mine.. Great job Anna.

Oh I would faint if your images were turned into dies. Do it. You need more to do. BBBWWWAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHAAAA!!!!

Love your chick tags, they're so full of happiness! Hugs.

Right on about the anatomicly incorrect chick! It could be "dislexia" that's when the viewer sees it upside down and backwards. I'll bet it was radioactive feed. I once heard of a Billy goat that had a similar problem. Sprinkles are so nice on stuff that I bet if you covered a burro with them it could be mistaken for an easter bunny! Yuk yuk.....Love, Dad

Those are SO CUTE! You are beyond clever. I just love the things you create! :D

Love these. They are so cute. (as is all of your projects) You're one of my fav bloggers!

These are totally adorable!! And I so agree that your perfected chick is far better than the Sizzix original. Thanks for trimming because yours are beauty pagent worthy now (probably that glitter).
ps to Alan - - just how "outrageous" was that shipping!!?!! I am still ROFLMAO! Your story beats mine by a mile, Anna. Thanks for sharing!

OMGosh, this is soooo sweet! I love all the sparkle...sooooo cute!

LOve those Oct. Afternoon papers ( you know ) These tags are so darn cute, just like you. :) Hugs...

these are adorable! I've been inspired by Michelle as well with her lovely tags.

And you're right, that Sizzix chick is a bit strange. None of mine look like that IRL

Oh my, love the sparkly goodness and all those October Afternoon papers! I hope you sent Sizzix a note about their die. :)

Okay - I'm swooning over these precious little chicklets.

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