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I'm so glad to see pictures of Tiny Tim. What you did for him speaks volumes of how you love your animals. Truly heartwarming!

Wait a sec. Eighty? Did you say 80 degrees? Didn't yo Mama evah teach you that it's impolite to count yo money in front of po' people? Today's high was a balmy 25 degrees Farenheit here in VA. Yeah, I had to don a windbreaker when I went out at lunch.

Your chickens are beautifull! Tiny Tim is looking pretty darn good, too! I'm jealous of your nice weather but so glad the chicks and duckies are enjoying themselves!

Oh my, Anna, what fun to have a walk-through on the farm! I don't know which one is more entertaining--your photos or your narrative. :) Hershey Kisses' name and color are so cute! That's so funny that Shorty shows you where to nest! Weezie's feathers apparently match her personality, and Tiny Tim is still, well, able to produce a smile from the hardest heart. Thanks for making my day!

Ducks and chickens are looking great. Love Tiny Tim and that cochin is beautiful. We unfortunately got another blast of winter with 3 inches of snow and a delay to school. I can only dream about 80* weather...enjoy your day!

Good morning, Leslie!
Yes, Tiny Tim is the one that I made coats for ... hes so silly! :)
He has his own category here on the blog; theres a link at the bottom of the post called Tiny Tim the Frizzled Roo.
Check it out for all Tiny Tim related posts. :)

Enjoy your day!

I love all your critter pics! Is Tiny Tim the one you had to clothe last year because he was nekkid?

Love all your pics, but Tiny Tim is my fave of all your critters. Except for Bad Betty and Miss Daisy and Farley and . . .

Love this spring like weather and it looks like all the chickens and ducks do too! Great photos! I would love to hold and preen Hershey Kisses! I have a couple of parrots that I enjoy preening! And I used to work at an avian vet clinic where we would treat birds from the farm. It was always so fun to hold a chicken and help preen all those new feathers!

It is so good to see Tiny Tim in feathers. :) All the Chickens and Ducks are looking fine. The Silver Lace Cochins are Beautiful. Enjoy the warm weather. Our melting days are gone for a bit and we got SNOW again. Yucky winter. Hugs...

OMG ... fantastic photos and crazy narratives ... love them all but I have to say that Tiny Tim wins today's award. He's just such a DUDE!

And to think Mom and I went down to Cabelas today to pick up some feathers for fly tying, Olive died silver cochin and Polish laced hen, Oh my! Some pheasant varieties would be lovely too!........Love, Dad

Hi Anna - Thank you for my *SMILE* this evening, after viewing all your farm pics, especially Tiny Tim. Personally, I think he needs to have a contract with companies like `Banana Boat`or `Coppertone` Sun Protection products, to display how great their SPF protection is --- afterall, look how healthy & young Tiny Tim`s skin is =D

Now *Bad Betty*, well she`s another story !!

Looks like Tiny Tim needs a little chicken stool to stand on to reach the water bowl. :)

Anna, your pic's are awesome!!
Tiny Tim is looking great!! Love his feathers, he has such fabulous coloring!!

Karen x

I wanna visit your farm someday...I'd love to hang out with your babies!!!

Such a treasured life you live!

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