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Super cute idea!! I love them!

I see some BasicGrey fabric in there! It matches some paper I have. Your dad's comment about the fly reel bags is pretty funny. :)

So, so cute! I want one!!!!!!

Love the fabrics you used! Looks like some of my patterned papers! I always carry a pocket size Kleenex pack but just as it comes, no fancy holder. Hint, hint :)

I spy a little Cosmo Cricket fabric on one of your cozies. They are adorable, and if you put them in your Etsy shop, they'd fly. Just sayin.

You have the best fabrics!!! Such a great idea. I'd need the entire lot - been through 2 boxes of Kleenex this week.

Love your Kleenex holders, Anna
Great idea, such pretty fabrics
you have used!!

Karen x

Isn't it just like me to always be a day late and a dollar short? My absolutely favorite was the sky blue with bright yellow trim. I just checked your Etsy shop and found that all your creations have flown right out of that coop. Your little Kleenex Kozies are delightful!

I tried one last night (cut out fabric for about 6 of them) I am not happy with the results! What size seam do you make? These are a sweet as the 1st batch. Are you gifting them all? Will some get sold? You are amazing :) Have a fun weekend, hugs...

You must be like a tornado when you get going on a project ... no stopping you until you have decided that's enough. And BTW ... the pink ones are slightly more adorable than the cozies without pink!
As for your Dad ... I hope carma does turn around and bite him for bragging about +45 and sunshine!

After thinking you were gonna blow your nose on all that nice fabric your gonna make more??? I figured that would be pretty tuff on the snoz but Mom straightened me out on that one. so ya just put the travel packs in them...cool. Nice sew job, I have a ready market for fly reel bags, but not so "femmy". Sorry about the weather it's 45 and sunny here, BooYah!.......... Love, Dad

Anna - you are AMAZING!!!! Ellie and I can't decide which we like better - the pink paisley or the pink flowers with the blue dotted trim. Oh, wait, maybe its the butterflies. Or it could be the hedgehogs. Ok, so maybe they are all absolutely adorable!!!!!

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