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do you think Popsicle is root beer flavored or orange? hee hee.

What a precious baby! And she/he is doing so well too! What a cold morning to be born on!

"Announcing: my precious Popsicle!"
Momma Pixie is so proud...what a gorgeous baby! I'll be she WAS thinking, "hey, why is it so cold and big out here??!" That would be quite a shock after being very warm and cozy for a few months! :D
Popsicle is a doll...I wish I could give 'em a big HUG!

This is the last one, right? 35 & raining here at the moment. slush slop and hilarity are the order of the day. Congrats on the new one. Lets hope it's healthy and has all it's fingers and toes, we dont want any deformed "grand children". It's funny how herd size increases alarmingly after you get past 3 cows and no bull calves......Love, Dad

Oh, how adorable! Congrats, glad all is going well with the new little one. 22 degrees is pretty darned cold anywhere, much less Texas!

What a cute and evidently unexpected addition. Much too cold to be dumped out into the world. I love the photos. TFS

It may be cold but this story if about as heart warming as you can get. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. It makes mine a little happier.

Awwwww How sweet! Babies are so stinkin' cute! So Anna, when are we going to see some new Dexter cow stamps named after the adorable members of your farm family?? :-)

Congrats on an uneventful birth and another healthy calf.

I think all of your baby cows have been cute ones but I think that this is the cutest calf I have EVER seen! We are having the same weather here in Utah and I can't image being born in this weather I would have stayed in momma. :)

Awww...so adorable!!
Great photos, Anna

Karen x

What a darling! And 22 is balmy. Be glad she's not up here where the high was about 3 degrees. Glad she's healthy!

Wow, how sweet! Boy or girl?


What a happy card. Very cute.

Aww, such a sweet and heartwarming story! And man do you need a little warming, LOL. You came up with the perfect name for Pixie's calf.
Thanks for the smile!

Congrats to all!! I love the name Popsickle!!

Oh my word...Pixie's Popsicle is just the cutest! I love your photos!

So precious ... and a perfect name !!!

What a darling addition!

Congrats on the new addition! So so cute!!

What a happy surprise. LOVE the name too. Welcome to the world wee Pixie's Popsicle!

Oh what a fun surprise! Congrats on the new farm baby, sooo cute! Love the name, too!

Popsickle wishes she had stayed inside her mama, where it is warm!

Awww, what a sweet surprise! Congrats! perfect name for her too!

Oh My Goodness, she picked the coldest day of the year to give birth! Good to see that all is well. BAby looks alot like Mom. And Pixie's Popsicle is the PERFECT name. Brrrr.
Hugs all around.

Congrats! So glad the little one wasn't frostbit!

How awesome! They both look good. Love your photos Anna!

Gorgeous photos, and both mammy and baby look wonderful. Pixie has a great coat (unlike ours in the shed).

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