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Those were nice stuff. That would be useful at home. I am sure that my visitor would appreciate that if I have one of them.

Sounds like a lot of us grew up with some of these rooster dishes in our cupboards. Mom still has one of these little loaf pans and (I think) a large and small mixing bowl. I never thought about it, but the pattern is PERFECT for you!

How funny - I have those exact dishes and a larger rectangular dish all with covers! I inherited them from family - probably thru my great aunt. I keep telling my mom not to give away anything without checking with me first! It's not even the dollar value I'm thinking of - it's the memories. Thanks for sharing, Anna. I see we have many of the same tastes :)

They are indeed cute. The Pyrex refrigerated dishes are adorable. I really wanted one for my mom because she really loves to cook and often keep things like this one. She even had a cabinet full of porcelain and other kitchen utensils. Thanks a lot for sharing and hope you had a great holidays. More power.

My dad still has the set of 3 nesting bowls in that same chicken pattern, they must be close to 45-50 years old now, no chips! They are a great memory from my childhood!
I have never seen them square like yours! They are perfect for you and Alan. I love your blog, for the non-crafty stuff as much as the crafty stuff. Thanks for sharing your talents and life with the rest of us....
Happy New Year!
Hugs, Sandy
Grand Junction, CO

Oh, my mom had those when I was growing up! I loved them.

Lord...are those things worth something??? Have had some for many years thatr I got just because I like them...yours are lovely. and congrats on cleaning the silverware draw.Having been raised on a farm in Wisconsin, I love all the animals...looks like home

I like New Year's Day celebrations more than New Year's Eve. We always meet my niece and her growing family for lunch at a Chinese Buffet Restaurant! We're all tired of cooking by then, and justify all we eat by taking a long walk afterwards.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane! My mom had the same dishes in the 1960's. How fun to see them again. Happy New Year!

Hi Anna,
Yay you got them! I love mine so much, and they sure do put a smile on my face when I open up my cupboard to use the butter.
Sure beats the plastic stuff eh?
Big hugs and love for a new year,

Finally getting caught up on blogs I haven't visited for a week. I missed your calendar blog candy and your pictures of snowy Newport. Hope your luggage finally showed up. Love your new old dishes. Happy New Year a little late!

Love the new (old) refrigerator dishes! That's the perfect pattern for you! A few months ago I too bought some old depression glass refrigerator dishes...made by Federal. With all the talk about chemicals in plastics I decided to change the way we store our leftovers. I LOVE using theses old containers! I hope you enjoy yours as well!

Excuse my manners; I got too excited. THANK-YOU!

Oh, WONDERFUL! I'll take a big one, please!

Hi Anna , Glad to hear you are safely home again. Did you ever get your luggage?
What a strange thing .... I cleaned my silverware drawer yesterday too !!
LU Gramma

As hard as you work on that farm, I'm surprised you could stay awake until midnight! But - you GO girl! I was awake when it was midnight in Boston (unfortunately, I'm much closer to the west coast). :-)

Love the cute dishes - yes, they do have chickens on them!

My mom had the Pyrex mixing bowls of the same rooster pattern. So, I have them now in my cupboard...I love them..there were three, two white with blue roostres, and one blue with the rooster in white. They don't make mixing bowls (or even Pyrex) like they used to! Happy New Year...glad you got home safely. I noticed we didn't get together again this year! :(

Oh, I just love vintage Pyrex! And that is a great pattern! A big congrats to the calendar winners!

Anna, cute pyrex -- cleaning out the silverware drawer sounds like an EXCELLENT way to start the new year to me! I was asleep (unless you count midnight in Paris or Brussels where 2 brothers live, then I was up partying!) Actually, the kids went to dinner with us, then Charlie went out to a friend's house and Sarah came home and went to bed -- she had to work Jan. 1. It was fun reminiscing with the kids about what we did when they were younger -- fondue and root beer floats!

My daughter has some pyrex in that pattern-some I gave to her-I like it really well.

Congrats to the calendar winners!

I love that Pyrex pattern! A local consignment store had quite a bit of this. All from the same seller. I was able to buy about 20 pieces last year. They had 90 day layaway which helped a lot! Happy 2011

Cleaning the cupboards sounds like as good a way to start the new year fresh as anything I did not do! I am looking forward to another year of checking in with Sassy and Sweet daily. Big Hugs to ALL....

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