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My counter space was such a disaster. I had about three different projects started. Finally had to clean it up so I could find things and have space to work. I laughed at Shala's comment that she works on her lap--I was about there last night. :)

My hubby is about to throw my stuff out into the snow! LOL I have my Christmas mess spread all over my formal dining room - on the table AND the floor! LOL That doesn't even count my stamp room! :D One of these days I will get mine cleaned up, too. Maybe by next Christmas! LOL

Love it!! Looks just like mine! Like me it looks like you had bunches of fun too!! :) :)

This is how my desk looks every day :/ Someday I will clean it, and I bet you beat me to it :)

I lost a pair of scissors in my mess...haven't recovered them yet! I may have to go through my trash bin!

HEY! It's perfect, infact it looks "art deco" That means extra cool for those not into crafty stuff. If it's not walking off on its own it's gotta be fine. I can even see a chunk of the table top.....Love, Dad


Mine looks like this every day!!

that's not a mess... that's evidence of a creative genius!!!

Oh, yeah!! Basically, that's what mine looked like, too. I couldn't find a small space to make a card. Well, I had at it and now it's neat...for a little while:) Good luck with yours!

I am working on that too.. What a disaster my area is.. Good luck.

I'm not surprised your desk looks like that....you made some seriously cute and fun projects! Lots of details went into all your lovely holiday projects and your desk is proof of that! ;)

Kinda looks like mine! race to the finish for cleaning up? bet you'll win!! LOL

Glad to see that I'm not the only one!

Yep, my whole room looks like that, and I can't find a thing. Nothing that 5 cups of coffee and some free time won't fix... have fun finding your desk again.

Already covered part of the Christmas Mess...Still trying to organize more in the old Stamp Room. Got to make way for my recent purchase. More on that when they arrive.

I spent the last two days cleaning up my wraps, bows, boxes, and putting them away - and the tree...oh, the tree...packed all that away today, and then some. STILL have more decorations to carry downstairs tomorrow. Looks kinda bare, actually - I do miss the tree lights in the dark living room! And really, nothing gets put back exactly the way it was...which picture frame went where, which candle on which table?...oh, well. From snowy Idaho...xoxo

That's pretty much what our whole house looks like...sigh

At least you have some space left. I end up using my lap!

Oh boy, mine looks like that too!!!! Happy New Year to you and Allan!



I can't even see the the top of my desk! My room looks like an episodeo of "Hoarders". Ewe....I need to take a day off to clean it all up! Glad you are home safe!

Looks very familier! I love to create. The more I do the smaller my space gets! Until I have no choice but to pick up and put way a few things. Happy Creating.... Hugs...

That looks spotless compared to the stacks and piles of stuff in my space...and I didn't even make much for Christmas! LOL! Bring on 'clean sweep'. Happy New Year, my friend! Any chance I'll see you in a few weeks?

I guess cleaning up is on everyone's schedule after Christmas.

Happy cleaning.

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