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Welcome to my world(Michigan)! LOL I know you get the white stuff in Washington when you visit your parents, but it's still nice to get it at home once in awhile. :D Enjoy!

Does this make you think you're back in Washington on your parents' place again?

Yes it is pretty at 1st! Not so fun if you have to be out in it. (Driving school bus and delivering meals!) We can almost count on snow by Thanksgiving and seeing it until St. Pat's (March) Looks like the kind you can make a snowman or have a snowball fight with! Have fun while it lasts. Hugs...

Ah, but would you *dig it* if you had to get out there with a shovel ;-). We don't get much here in Ireland, and three heavy falls last year was two too many. Beautiful to look at, but...
Got to feel sorry for the animals too, although dogs seem to love it.

The world has gone haywire this year with weather. Our days are a mystery to us, as we always get some kind of surprise during the day. Yesterday it was hail and black storm clouds from the bowels of the earth.
Really freaky. But fresh snow always looks
pretty, even if it is a nuisance at times.

Maybe I do need a "light box" or a sun lamp. But the snows in Texas just last for a couple of hours or maybe a day or two. Here, Halloween to Easter, where did I leave that leaf rake? Oh well I'll look for it in April.......Love, Dad

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