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You take AMAZING photos, how do you do it? I have a Daisy too only she is "Swiss Miss Daisy" and is Bernese. She was a foster that I adopted. They called me a foster failure. I figure if I have to fail at something at least I failed big. :) My camera is LOADED with her cute little mug.

Ahh so happy to see Mr Farley also got a toy (I thought it strange that Granny and Grandpa would miss out on him LOL!)

Dissed ? not likely...............

The is no dog like a retriever!! I am on Golden Retriever #5. I will have no other dog!!! Does Mr. Farley destroy his toys. My, Makano, can destroy a toy in less than 5 minutes. Even the non destructable.

Your dogs are so sweet.I considered a chicken toy for our lab, but decided it wasn't a good idea because she has been led to believe that chickens are NOT to be played with, she got a penguin instead, LOL

will they share? If they are just like children...probably not!!! LOL! They are both adorable!

Super Chicken already looks well loved; like Miss Daisy got in some good licks.

Funnny dogs...always want what the other one has. Just like CHILDREN. LOL. Hugs to Miss Daisy, Mr. Farley and you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ahh..poor Mr Farley ... dissed by Granny and Grandpa.

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