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I went through the croupy chest and sinus thing about a month ago. It took about three weeks of tlc with lots of fluids.

You keep talking about your stamps. Are these stamps something that you buy from the hobby store or are they something that you make for your cards? I know my Mom was into stamps and had several hundred when she died.

Have a great crafty day.

So sorry to hear that you're both under the weather. Hope you get better quickly. Love both of the stamps!!

Love her... can't wait to get her!!! Hope you feel much better soon. Alan, too.

I told you to get better last time! ;) darling stamp...love cats!

aaaahh, love the kitty stamp. Get better soon!

Bet Boxcar Betty is thinking "Boy, Carma is a real B, isn't it?"! I hope you and Alan feel better soon.

You dog and cat stamps are so cute! Thanks for sharing them. Sorry to read that y'all are sick--it's sure going around here in Arlington too and we're keeping our fingers crossed not to get it. (Just fyi, Mucinex has always worked well for us w/ congestion.) Hang in there! :)

Feel LOTS better REAL soon (Alan, too). Thanks for the peeks, even though you're feelin' poorly. You're a trooper!

Oh Darn. IT is no fun being sick. The sneak peaks are fun, though. Hurry and get better. We miss your fun posts. Hugs...

Uh-Oh. I can just feel my resolve melting away and do believe your new release is going to have to come home with me. My little Minime is going to be all over the kitty stamp. Hang in there and get better sooner rather than later.

Get better soon! Lot of healthy greetings Andrea

I am feeling icky today too!! Get better!

I am so sorry that you and Alan are feeling miserable!!! Give yourselves plenty of time to recover and lots of tlc!
Hugs, Manetta

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