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It's chilling down here at home in Washington too, the snow is hardening up again. Funny, the older I get the less enamered I am with winter cold and snow. have thought about becoming a snow bird but the south seems to be no better, Bummer.

Send some on to Houston- I'm in the mood for a little real winter!

Ha, we are supposed to get nine inches by Monday. Well, I'll believe it when I see it. Those weather guys haven't been too right this year. My grandson is definitely rooting for the snow so he can hit the school yard slope with Grandpa's toboggan. Oh, yeah!!

Now that you've prepared so well, you won't get any snow! ;) one year we got a sled and it didn't snow for two years! Friday we finally broke down and bought a snow shovel and now our forecast for a big snow tomorrow seems to be pooping out!

Anna, I've been watching the bi-polar weather in Texas myself. What part do you live in? My home is in Grand Prairie, it was beautiful yesterday, not a could in the sky. This morning its cold with alot of rain, but they say the snow is still coming. Keep those animals warm and snug. My daughters went out yesterday and bought the hot cocoa and marshmallows for the cold weather, and I bought things for hot soup. I love your site and enjoy reading it and getting inspired everyday. Stay warm, I'm glad that I'm off for Maui in a few days!
Stay Warm and Dry!


Our wintry mix will begin this evening. The TV stations are already broadcasting the weather alerts and there is a constant weather crawler on the bottom of our TV screen on all network stations. They're predicting 4-6 inches of snow/ice/sleet here in Augusta, GA. Last time this happened, we were housebound without power for 4 days...hope that's not the case today but we have a nice stockpile of firewood for the fireplace just in case.

Don't forget the splash of Crown Royal with that cocoa. : )

Ohh good luck..poor chickies...

Hi Anna! I just got the calendar today - it's fabulous!!!! I guess the farm animals really have to hunker down when it snows. They don't get any hot cocoa, do they. Are the chickens ok? Do you have a warmer in their home?


Oh Goody !!! Be very careful if you have to go out in it while the temps hover near freezing. Rain changing to snow usually means ICE. We had lots of snow but had a breif warm up that cleared things nicely. Now it is just plain COLD. If there is enough it will be the packing/sticking kind. Time to build a snowman. Warm Hugs...

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