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In the 70s, my parents remodeled our kitchen and installed those orange counter tops. We loved them at the time and thought our kitchen looked like something out of a magazine. :) Seeing yours was a blast from the past. Your new tile looks great!

Looks lovely! When I bought my house my laminate kitchen counters were orange with a retro boomerang design all over it. It almost matched the carpeting (also in the kitchen) which we thought was brown until we lifted out the bottom cabinets...then realized it was ivory with a lovely orange, green, and brown pattern! Goodbye 70's!

Your new counter top and valance looks wonderful!! Great fabric. We did our counters this past summer and I just love them.
I thought you would like to know that I followed your directions and made up a jar of your cranberry cookie mix for my brother and he just LOVED them. Delicious!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas!!

Karen x

Hi Anna,

How beautiful! Yes, the countertops are VERY pretty! I love the curtain, too - not too surprised that it's a chicken theme.

I used to have orange counters. Like you, I would have changed them if I could have. LOL

Your kitchen must look fabulous now!

Great job to both of you on your projects. The curtains are "oh so very cute" and the tile is nice..very clean lines..You two make a great pair!!!
Happy New Year to you! and I SO enjoy your blog..don't ever quit it...

My kitchen is decked out in chickens and roosters too (as well as my mom's and sister's) Oh, and my sister and I even have the same spoon rest you have on your oven!! hehe! I love the curtains and hope one day when we buy our own home, I'll be able to make some just as cute!!

Hahahaaa...my parents built their house in the 70's & CHOSE orange for their countertops! When they remodeled their kitchen (which now has GORGEOUS granite coutnertops) the orange counters were moved to the exercise room. I just walk in there any time I want a blast from the past!

LOVE that chicken fabric. It's always a good feeling to finish a home improvement project. We just redid our kitchen this past year. It's a chic red white and black motif now. LOVE it....and the red dishes my DH bought me for Christmas. :O)

Aren't home improvements the BEST (when they're done, at least)? I don't know why we don't do them more often. Love that new countertop, the sunny paint color, and the fun chicken curtains. Wonderful!

I'll see your orange countertops and raise you Wedgewood blue formica!

WOW, the new counter top is GORGEOUS!!! What a difference!
Our first apartment in married student housing had an orange and yellow kitchen...eeeewwww!!!
It was not so pretty! LOL
Your valance is adorable, I love that fabric! (you find the most wonderful fabrics!!) I'm sure it really adds charm to your "new" kitchen! I can't imagine now great it looks with the new counters...what a change!
Hugs to Alan for such a great job; and of course, YOU are a creative genius! :D
Have a great day!

OMG ... you can sew too! I'm surprised that YOU were not the one that replaced the counter top with the tile! Between the two of you, there doesn't sound like there is much you can't do! The valance looks so happy and I guess you are too, with your new counter tops!

I had to totally laugh at this post! Our house growing up had bright orange counter tops...ugly is not even a suitable word! I am sure your kitchen is looking really fresh now...farm fresh ;)

How funny that you had orange counters. The first two houses we owned had orange counters. What are the odds of that happening. The valance is so cute and the counters are gorgeous.

Love the new tile.
We moved into a house with tiny mosaic on the kitchen counter. YUCKY grout. :( 12" squares are much better.
We also had burnt orange , apple green and harvest gold nylon loop carpet. It only took 27 years to get that changed!!!!
The valences look GREAT, too. Hugs...


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