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My birthday is Rememberance Day so no one in the family ever forgets it! Thanks for the great prizes.

Love February! My fabulous hubby's birthday is tomorrow!!! Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy.

family is probably not allowed anyway but I just had to respond, Labor Day, 1950 Sept. 5th. A sick joke? Mother said it wasn't funny! winter is coming back.... again and again that isn't funny either..Love, Dad

What a cute little bear! I'd love to have him :) Birthday: January 21

I'm an August baby, the sixteenth to be exact.

These stamps are so cute. I would love to win them. Hopefully I am not to late on the drawing. September 21.

Love your blog. Third month. Third day.

Awww, how sweet Anna! My birthday is May 21. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

You *like me*, you really *like me*? Awwww I feel the same :) Ha
My birthday is pretty easy to remember (hint hint!) as it falls on a yearly Party day, that is usually associated with green beer, green clovers, and the odd Lepricon. Come up with it yet? I was delivered as a scheduled C-section for my Mom, which gave her the choice of having me on March 13, which also happened to be a Friday (Ack!) or March 17th, St. Patrick`s Day! I think she made the Best choice :o))
Thanks for the chance at the candy!!

Thanks so much for sharing with us. I look forward to reading your blog daily. I have a December birthday (8th to be exact). I love my birthday - they just get better and better.

November 29th. That little bear is just so darn cute!

An August baby here,
Hopin' to win some blog candy!
To be sure...it's the 17th day,
And it would be kinda dandy!
Thanks for the photos, the shares & fun
Here's to days full of Texas sun!

Thanks for sharing.....January 12.

I like you also......My birthday is Jan-31 and I'm not sharing the year..Hahahaha. Thanks for a chance to win some goodies.

my birthday is august 5, 1955..this is the first time in have been able to remember how old i am in a long time, i usually add an extra year or two for some strange reason...glutten for punishment i guess. it is good to be getting older...i have earned all of my gray hair, and...i have a few wrinkles that show off my laugh lines well...LOL...

January 4th - thanks for not wanting the year!!

Well, possibly last but not least, my birthday is May 2nd. I am 56, but feel much younger and have had a lifelong love of crafts. I especially enjoy cardmaking and scrapbooking and enjoy your blog so much. As a city kid, learning about farm animals has been an enlightening experience. I often forward your blog posts to my grandkids and they love them, too! Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful things!!

I just celebrated my 34th birthday on January 15. I stayed in my pjs all day depressed! I am better now. I didn't cry at 30, but for some reason this one nearly took me out!

This has been fun seeing when everyone's birthdays are!! Mine is July 11, 1973. One week after our nation's birthday!

Hi!Thanks for the chance to win some candy!Love the bear stamp, but I have to say your Frizzle chooks(sorry that's aussie slang!)are delightful!I just adore chooks!My birthday is on the 14th December & I'm not afraid to say I'm 53 going on 21!

August 28, 1973 - I'll be 38 this year - not afraid to say it at ALL! Love these stamps - that bear is so cute. Who can resist a handsome fella with a cupcake? Not me!

my birthday is October 4th. The bear is so cool. Love Memory Box. I really love the previous pony card. Super nice! I am gonna try my hand at a card like it. Not gonna come close, but, hey, I'm gonna give it a shot!

Being a family that lives on one acre farm, we love all your tips with your garden and critters, and my kiddos love your animal stories and pictures! I also love your stamps and creations too! Thanks for the chance to win such cute stamps, I NEED that bear and hill stamp and the others too - LOL! My birthday is May 22nd. It was always the day before the last day of school, so summer vacation was a cool gift, but I never got to bring cupcakes to school to celebrate - LOL!

Oh pick me, pick me! I LOVE that bear...he's adorable.

So cute!!!! My birthday is 2/25. Thanks for a chance to win such a great giveaway!

That bear is so cute! My b-day is nov 18.

What a sweet gesture! I have a long way to go... but since my b-day is September 3, I usually get the gift of my kids going back to school around that time! hahaha

Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful candi, oops I mean candy. That's my name too! LOL oh and my birthday is Jan.9, the same day as my husband's!!

Everytime I go to your blog I remember the snowman you made recently. I really have to get that set.
My birthday is August 5th.

Hi Anna, I love to read your posts. I have learned so much from them. I would love to win your gift. Birthday March 13th.

Thanks so much for the chance to win. My birthday is August 16. I love all your chicken photos!

You are just to cute, cannot help liking you also as well as your stamps and projects, oh''''''those animals, love em', my B day is March 7th, this would be a great present too. Lynn

My birthday is coming up on March 15th. Thanks Anna for the chance to win. Hugs, Nellie.

My birthday and anniversary is May 5th!!

Love your blog....love Memory Box...woudl love to WIN! My birthday is Nov.1 ! Thanks!

Thanks for the chance to win such a cute little bear. I always love to read your blog. Because of YOU I am now the proud keeper of 6 laying hens and one beautiful rooster which I raised from 1 day old chicks last Easter! Sharing eggs with everybody now. I love your sparkley and unique cards, animal antics & photos and cooking posts. Keep up all the good work.
Stella B. 7-30 is my special day.

How fun! That bear stamp is so cute.
Thanks for the chance to win.
My B-Day is March 20 (First Day of Spring!)

Annam thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy. Thanks so much for sharing. I've loved your blog for years and enjoy the animals, farm products, recipes and stamping. My birthday is Oct. 20.

What a darling stamp...love the bear! Mybirthday is December 26th. Thanks for an awesome give-a-way!

Anna - thank you for the opportunity to "hopefully" win your blog candy. I love everything about your blog: crafts, animals, food -- everything and I look forward to each post. My birthday is February 9th.

Thanks for sharing your ideas...I enjoy reading your blog. Birthday: November 16th

we like you too. I see a lot of the people leaving comments have birthdays in January. Mine's in December...the 13th. I love that little bear stamp!

June 5th...Found your blog after overhearing a woman talking about it at an Astoria OR scrapbook store. You'd intrigued her enough to come in to a craft store as a total newbie and see what she'd need to start making cards like yours. I was intrigued and have enjoyed your posts ever since. :-)

Awww...that little party bear is adorable! My birthday is September 10. Thanks for the chance to win your generous blog candy!

Hey Anna!! We like YOU, too!!! That's why we hang out here and gain cool tips on sooooo many areas of life that you LOVE: from gardening, caring for critters, recipes for cooking up and preserving fruits of the earth (like dill pickle soup!! eh DK!!), cards, photograpy, how to glitter up an image and make funky chunky snowflakes and on and on and on. I am a Christmas time baby (Dec 20). Just had a brand new baby granddaughter 2 days ago, so lots to love. Take care. Hope you are back to 100 percent!

That bear is absolutely adorable! I would love a chance to welcome him into my home. He could help celebrate my birthday Feb 7th.
I read your blog everyday... your stamping posts got me started reading your posts regularly some years back. The animal posts were initially a surprise to me, I've come to absolutely love them and they've become some of my favorites of your posts. Thank you for all you share with us over the web.
-Mary in Milpitas

So cute! Thanks for the chance to win - I love your blog. My birthday is July 19th (ackkkkkk, turning 49 this year ... )

and we like YOU!:) Thanks for the giveaway... you are always so generous... with your time to blog, your techniques and your talent!!! October 27 for me!

Hope it is not to late to leave a comment. Love the bear stamp! Birthday is August 22nd. Thanks!

What a cute little Bear!
March 18th is the big day :)

I love the bear stamp! My birthday is May 31. You're so sweet to give this sweet candy away. Thanks for a chance to win.

I love chances to win candy but I love reading your blog more... I can always feel you smiling! My birthday is March 8th and this year will be the last year I can say I'm in my 50s!!!

Blog candy...you are so sweet and the bear is so cute! I love your blog. My birthday is coming up in a few days...February 2. This is a BIG birthday for me...I will be 50. Not quite sure how I feel about that since I only feel 23. : D

Such a cute bear......my birthday is September 21st!!!

What a cute bear stamp! My BD is February 5,coming up next Saturday!

Just love this little bear. Thanks for all the pictures of your farm. My birthday is March 29th.

Looks like "I love you Beary much".
December 18th.

Oh that bear is so cute and would be fun to have so I could practice my coloring! My b-day is October 17.

Thanks so much for the chance to win--my bd is July 24. My partner and I love to visit your blog--we love your cute stories and your work

I am a huge Memory Box fan. I just received some of their new papers for my birthday which was on Thursday 1/27. Thanks for not making us say how old we are, I am way past the counting backwards point! Love that bear, thanks for the generosity.

Aren't you sweet, Miss Daisy!
My birthday is June 29th. I hope you're on the mend. We've been struck down by the 'flu here - no fun whatsoever.

Hello from snowy Ohio- we haven't seen any grass for AGES! My birthday is Aug. 12th and it is always sunny! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, and for the great blog candy!

my birthday is June 20. and you are soooo generous! :)

I also have to tell you - I have picked up a few clearance chipboard and wooden ornaments to try my hand at decorating after seeing the beauties you and your family have made. they are truly gorgeous! I hope mine turn out half as nice as yours......

October 27th -- I have no shame. None whatsoever.

Just turned 32 on December 18th! Last year was the best year yet and I'm hoping that this is a trend for my years to just keep getting better! Thank you so much for the chance to win such a cute set!

Cute stuff, Anna. My b-day is May 14. I won't say how old I am, but a number of years ago, my kids teased me about being a half century old!

My birthday is Christmas Eve. Have you considered a children's book? My friend came to visit with her niece and grand niece. Mama went to a concert and we got to babysit. Needless to say the little one started to miss her mom. I brought up your blog and we read about the animals. She is still talking about Baaad Betty! I haven't tried stamping yet though you are seriously tempting me with your lovely work! I read your blog every day and look forward to whatever you are sharing. Have a great day!

Anna, thank you for a chance to win your generous gift. You are certainly an inspiration to me. My birthday is November 7th... this year is going to be my 60th! Yikes. Loving life! Big Hug! ~Suzy

I am a happy June camper. The 11th to be exact. A perfect time of the year to celebrate anything and everything. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies. DON'T ever stop blogging. Love the critter tales, your new designs, trips to the folks, just keep them coming.

mine's comin' up - March 23rd - but that doesn't mean that if I'm the lucky winner that I have to wait 'til my b'day to ink it up, does it?! wink! stinkin' CUTE bear, girl!

Hi Anna!! May 3 1955!

I past the 1/2 century mark a few years ago on Dec. 1st. :) You know I like you a LOT. That bear is so darn cute and I bet the papers are pretty. hugs...

My big day is March 21st. What o great bunch of stamps! Thanks for the chance!

I just love your blog! I love to share the pictures and stories of your animals with my niece who is 2 and a half years old. I would love to win this fabulous blog candy. I am actually due tomorrow with our first baby - but so far she seems to be taking her "sassy and sweet" time:). My birthday is may 7th.

Oh Anna...love reading your blog...especially hearing about the chickens..we live in the city now and I really miss my chickens..such personality they have.
My birthday is Aug 2nd...getting close to the 70 mark...yikes!
Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma

Love the love you're sharing! My birthday is July 6th.

You are so sweet, Anna! And not only because you offer such amazing giveaways, but just because you are. Your blog is always beautiful, fun and uplifting. (That was all just something I wanted to tell you...not a bribe ++grin++

My 57th birthday is this year on August 10th! In three years, on my 60th birthday my plans are to get my wish of chickens to raise. Better late than never!



I love reading your blog! My birthday is August 29. I get to share my day with my daughter who was born on my 25th birthday!

52 and counting. Born Nov. 1st 1958. Would love to win this!!!

August 18 is my day! I have tried giving my birthdays away, but nobody wants them! LOL Can't imagine why.

Cute!!!! My big 5-0 was on January 13!
Hope you are feeling better!

April 5th is my special day! Love your blog!!!

I would LOVE to have this very generous prize!!! My birthday is Sept.8 and I am 67 years young. I think we like you a little bit, too.

What a sweet set,that bear is adorable!
My birthday happens to be VALENTINE'S DAY-yeah I am a sweetheart-LOL.

I just love your style,plus I also like Memeory Box.
I'm a summer baby,Aug. 11

Memory Box has such cute stuff! I got to take a class from Dave B. once, and it was great! My birthday is Dec. 9th.

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Thanks for this neat 'give away'. My birthday is January 16th.

Karrie (Stampgirl) LOVES those bears - they are so cute! Your work is always amazing - so creative and then you walk out your door and take these beautiful pictures of farm life ...love visiting your site! B-day 1/14

What cool blog candy Anna! Well of course I'll share my birthday, Jan 12, 1960... My birthday is usually snowy and otherwise gloomy. My husband and daughter have b-days in May which is a really cool month to have your day, spring flowers and fresh air!


I love those stamps! Cuuuuuuuuute! My birthday is March 29. :)

Thanks for the chance to win! My birthday is 5-15-59. I always thought that had a nice ring to it!

I was born on January 1 - but it was so late in the day, Mom didn't get any free formula or diaper services for a year. Thanks for your great blog!

That bear is a little cutie :-). My birthday is at the end of December... a long way to go until then!

Thanks for sharing the goodies!

Nov. 12. Could this become my stamping debut?

What a nice blog giveaway. My birthday is April 6,......uh, yuk....1947. I'm an ole broad who loves to stamp.

awesome! that little bear is adorable! my birthday is Oct 6, which was great growing up b/c I was always out of school for fair week! :0) love your goodies anna!

Thanks for a great giveaway!! Love the bear!! My birthday is January 27!

Cute cute bear! November 7. :-)

I don't wanna be first but if I don't do this now, I will forget. Or lose the post it note. My birthday which I never celebrate or even bother with is Dec 14. I forget how old I am or I lost the post it note. Take your pick.

Very cute stamps! My birthday is March 22nd. I hope you are feeling better. Have a good weekend.

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