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I can see this will be an image that I will definately have to add to my collection. Anna, this is so cute. Love it!

She's delightful! I'm seeing peeks here and there of what is to come. You've been very busy! Love her stripy stockings.

Oh she is so CUTE, Anna! Love her little smile with her heart lips :)

Hi Anna! What a great image - I LOVE the chicken! Cute bloomers, too!

So fun! She's just adorable as I bet you were as a little girl. The bloomers are so cute. I have an embarrasing story about bloomers as I accidentally wore mine to school in Jr. High and during PE had to undress and well you know how cruel teenage girls are.

Adorable! What more can one say.


Post the photo of the toothless freckled face "Annie".
Post the photo!
Post the photo!
Post the photo!

She is too cute!! Love her face, a perfect Annie...with her adorable pet chicken!!

Karen x

She's adorable! I di love her striped socks and chicken!

I LOVE Annies and am so glad to see you are designing your own. Plus we raise chickens, so I definitely need to get this image. CUTE!!

What are the odds, indeed, Mr Wight!! This little Annie image looks just like I would envision Anna to have looked like when she was a little girl! She's adorable, Anna.

I adore your little Annie with pet chicken. Who could resist her. Especially those of use from a certain generation that once owned our very own Annie Dolls !!!
TGIF and Big Rag Doll Hugs...

There may not be any surprise here but, we happen to have a picture or two of a certain little girl that may or may not have any front teeth with curly hair and a fluffy print dress and a cute pucker with freckles that resembles this "artists rendering" altho I cant see the socks..... the artist may indeed have a copy of said photo! What are the odds of that?....Love, Dad

Anna, this is just too cute. Out of all your stamps this is going to be my favorite for awhile, you know until the next favorite comes along. Great job on Annie.

Oh, Anna!!! She is precious! What a wonderful image. Only YOU could make her so perfectly! The chicken is GREAT, and yes~~her bloomers and stockings are fantastic!
Thanks for the little sneak peek! :D

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