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The farm animals are my favorite from High HOpes!

Great card. I love the different 3-D elements. Buddy the Goat is adorable too. Cute tin!

my mum would just love those chickens!!!!

Hello Former Diva,

I absolutely adore your work & talent. What an inspiration you are !!! Brilliant ideas.
P.S. "Buddy" the goat is a "cutey" along with all your other farm friends.

love the 3D effect of the card

wow, these are wonderful! I must keep that in mind... lifting time!

I love your chick party. and great idea with the tin. thanks for sharing!

Those chickens just crack me up! Love the card!

Deb H.

Anna: So nice to see you back for this challenge. I love your creations. Celebrate and thank you for the inspiration.

xo Bela

Very cute projects! For some reason, I love farm animal images lately.

Congrats to the 100th Challenge! Thanks for the chance to win a candy.

Hugs from Germany

Everyone loves a good hen party. Thank u for sharing with us.

Love your hen party card! it's awesome. Some body is going to receive a a great Valentine gift from you. It sure is cute and a good idea for a gift.

Such a cute card and I love the tin what a great idea.

Those chickens make me laugh! I love them.

Can't say I have ever thought farm animals were so cute before, luv all the layers in the chicken card and the tin is adorable:)

Absolutely adorable!

Man, your friend is lucky. That is a perfect little gift.

Your chicken party looks so much fun - but I really like the goat tin. That is a really good idea!

Another talented colourer - nice work on the chickens, love the speckled grey one! xx

Your chickens and your goat are so lovely!

Hopping off to the next blog!


LOVE the chickens --this card is so YOU!! LOL It's been great fun celebrating with you --see you on the farm :)

Love the idea of using the image multi times on a card. THANKS!

Love the tin!

oh my goodness these are so cute! Blog hopping on for your 100th challenge!

Very cute scene, this looks the chicks I see on your blog from time to time. Nice job with the coloring.

I may have to lift your chicken card idea! My mother is a big collector of chickens. Not real ones, just kitchen chickens! It made me smile...Thanks for the hop and the ideas!

Your card is Fabulous!!...I love the way you colored these chickens...and the 3d dimension is Amazing!!...Love the gift tin too..what a Wonderful idea!!..Hugs, Ila

Anna, I am soooo egg-sited (haha) that you were able to participate with this challenge! I wouldn't have been the same without you! I love your chicken party card - it's so YOU!! And your altered tin would make a great gift, too!!
Big hugs!

I like the Chicks. Great card.

This is the first time I've seen your work, but WOW how amazing! I'll definately be checking in again. Your colouring of the HH images is truly stunning!

such a great idea!! thanks for sharing!!

Glorious colours!

So cute. Love the chickens! Wouldn't have thought I would say that LOL.

I love love love this card!

Yeah 100th Challenge!!

Seems I posted on the wrong one. What I said was what a happy little card. Very cute.

Great card and I just LOVE the tin

I'm a country girl at heart and just love the clucky clan and hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your grinning goat idea for a couple of back to school projects. Love them, you are soo talented

I love how you pop up the images and your tin is delightful. Very cute ideas.
God Bless

love those chicks!! I wonder if they sound like my card making group when they are cackling all at once..... Hmmmmm....

Love those chicks!

Hopping Greetings from Finland.
Your card is funny :0)

What a group of "spring chickens!" I bet when they all cackle, it sounds like my card making group! Fun!

Love the group of chickens - reminds me of our lunch group. LOL

fab card, those chickens are fabulously coloured and like the tin too x

The creations are so cute :)

Beautiful! love the blog!

Well I am already a tremendous fan of yours...but this is incredible....

Thanks...hopping on.....

Stunning projects! I love your coloring of the chickens!
Hugs, Sonja.

I love when people add dimensions to cards!

love those chickens! what great ideas!

What clever ideas, love the colouring, thank you for the inspiration.

Welcome back to the High Hopes Family! So glad to see you working with High Hopes again. You never disappointe with your work. I just love your style!

I love the Valentine tin. What a great idea. Very clever.

These projects are sooo cute. Is the goat suppose to represent Boxcar Betty?

Oh my this is fantastic- I am shocked you used chickens! *big grin*

As the mother of a bunch of "girls" myself I really appreciate this card. I hope you don't mind if I use the idea to depict my own ladies. I think the cute little goat is Tin Lizzie. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Very cute card and tin. I love the chickens and yes, they are ready to party! Love the Hop!

Just a darling card. I love the idea of using a stamp several times to create a group. I don't know the name of the goat, but I think I will call him Bucky!

Aww, super cute, Anna! Thanks for the hop!

I absolutely love CHOOKS (sorry, aussie slang!). Gorgeous cards! Flooded Queenslander, Australia

What a fun pair of projects never knew farm yard animals could be such fun.Thanks for sharing.

Now that's a cheerful bunch of chicks! Looks like you've been portraying us bloghoppers? :o)
Lovely tin too!

wow this is great!! All these bright colors... they just make me feel happy! ;-)
hugs, jolanda

What a beautiful choir sympathetic hens.

Greetings from Slovenia

Great gift idea!

Lisa Summerhays

I love the colors of your card...they just POP with color
Thanks for sharing
aka Mema

I like your color choices. Each of your chickens is very unique

Super cute projects! Great idea for a fun gift! I might have to make one myself!

WOW, this is gorgeous!! Thank You for sharing it! Love the Chickens!!

I am such a huge fan of your work - you make coloring an image look so easy plus your cards are always such fun to look at. Another great creation Anna - those chickens look as if they're saying "I'm glad I'm not outside in that white stuff. We'll just party in the henhouse till spring!" And the goat looks like he's ready to nibble on the ribbon. Thanks for sharing!

I love your chickens. Fantastic card. Love the goat tin too. Your projects are always amazing.

I love this card. Those hens are fabulous. This is card is very unique. Fabulous card.

I love the stamps that you are all using for this Blog Hop. I'm new to High Hopes, but I hope to be purchasing some soon.

I was here 1st,Then went to start of the blog hop. WOW what a talented bunch you all are! Well of course you chose a chicken stamp! LOVE it!!!

Love, love your card--the colors are so clear and bright. Love your blog --saved it so I can come back and look around more. Beautiful work!!! Thanks for the blog hop--a lot of fun!!

I love your chickens! And your goat. :-) TFS

This project is so stinkin cute I may be forced to find that chicken stamp. Your coloring is awesome!

LOVE the chickens!!!! I'm working on my coloring!!

I love the chickens! Your coloring is amazing!

Your talent makes me mad with jealousy. Sigh. LOL I absolutely love the coloring on the Infamous Chickens! =)

You`ve put a HUGE grin on my face with that pencil box image ---- Bad Boxcar Betty :) Lol Love your water colouring -- wish you`d put a DVD out with some of your teachings -- would make my day, week & year :)

Loving this celebration! Oh so fun!!

These hens are one of my favorites. Great card. (Love the rainbow of sparkles.)

Love the card..simply makes me smile!

This card is sweet and sassy! Such a lot of effort went into it, but so worth it for us to enjoy! Love it, thank you.

These chickens are adorable Anna, of course this cute goats name is Buddy.

well I just laughed when I saw your chickens I think they are brill

I love the chickens but I love that goat. You do great work.

Fabulous card, I love the dimension :)


Oh those girls look like they're ready for a fun night out! And I love the little tin with Boxcar Betty ... she's got a lovely smile!

Oh how I love your chickens!! I think I would have been shocked to not see them on such a celebration :) Your valentine tin is a great idea and the goat is adorable!!

A truly lovey card Anna. Your colouration skills are heavenly as always.

Your chicken card is amazingly cute--I love the happy look on the chicken's face!

What a great card and I just love your Valentine tin. TFS.

I love the chicken card, they look just like my chickens!

Great birthday card! I really like that tin as well, it would be such a neat gift to receive

That is such fun card. It would have fit the last challenge perfect also (party animal) :) I also really like your idea for the tin of valentines with Buddy the Goat on the front. A lucky friend indeed.

How fun the chicks were.. :) And a great idea with the tinbox ;)
Count me in for the bloghop, please ;)

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