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I'll have to look for some of that glitter. Thanks for showing pictures and giving all the details. It sure is beautiful in the photos (probably even more so in real life)!

So nicely done, this glitter is very pretty

This is adorable. Thanks for all the glittery tricks. Nothing like some bright colors to cheer you up!

You are awesome. Thanks a bunch, Anna.

Thank you Thank you for taking the time to shoot these photos and to explain about the size of the glitter and to apply the adhesive in small portions. Very helpful indeed and I really appreciate it. Now get back in bed and finish convalescing.

Correct Martha! Well... I have wanted to once or twice. LOL !!!
Thanks for the how to tips with the glitter. :)
You must be feeling a bit better to spend so much time with us today, Hugs....

Martha would do well to be corrected by you!

I see you coughing and sneezing and sending glitter everywhere! A friend, single mom to a 7 year old posted on her FB page today "I've just been sprinkled with blue glitter, it'll be a good day!" Do you think you can sneeze big enough to sprinkle glitter in Alexandria VA?

My inner Princess-child is clapping her hands and squee'ing in glee. Colorful, fun and sparkly all in one! I love your stuff... such mad talent. Hope you're feeling sassy again soon - my dogs send you a'snuggly nose-to-nose touch' and a 'loving leg lean' to make you feel better. I guess they think if works on me, it will work on you, too. =)

Thanks for sharing your glitter tips! Love the cut down clamshell idea.

Very beautiful card :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Super cute card, Anna. I love all the glittery-ness of it!

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