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How many pickles is a pound? What size of jar did you use? I made the soup but maybe used too many pickles...it was pretty sour! Yummy nonetheless and I ate it all!

OK.....I just made this soup....(it is on my stove right now) and I took a little tastey bowl........it is really good, who knew!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I am taking it to work tomorrow to share!!!

I'm polish, and we poles love our dill pickles, anything with dill for that matter! We make a soup every Easter which we simply call Easter Soup and it has pickle juice in it...OH SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing this, and I'm gonna pass it on to my parents and see if they have ever had it.

Inneresting...I'll have to see if I am up for it but I find it intriguing nonetheless.

I am definitely going to try this! I have a recipe that we love that is dilly potato soup, so I'm sure we will all love this! Thank you for sharing.

I've never heard of Dill Pickle Soup but I love Dill pickles so I'm sure it's fabulous. I'm going to have to give it a try. mmmmmmm

I am new at all of this blogging stuff and I'm always surprised at the different things I learn about stamping. Well... what a hoot to learn about dill pickle soup as well! One of my aunts and my husband have this thing about exchanging pickle cards and pickle stuff... can't wait to surprise the aunt with dill pickle soup! What fun!!

Wow! Is there anything people haven't tried to make soup with! :) I like dill pickles and almost any food so I bet I would love it! This brings to mind my friend's daughter who loved dill pickles as a baby! Would eat a ton! I bet this would be right up her alley!

Anna, one day I went to a Polish buffet and they featured Dill Pickle Soup. I had a bowl and it was so good! I am Polish, but never heard of it before. I had that bowl years ago, but still remember how delicious it was. Thanks for the recipe. I will surely make it soon!

Oh my word, this sounds totally delicious!

One of my favorite summer soups is chilled borscht with chopped dill pickles and sour cream on top.

I'm definitely trying your Dill Pickle Soup! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Poor Alan for missing out, lol.

Hee,Hee!! I was reading your dad's comment and thinking "what's the deal with April 1?!" Took me more than a moment...!!! The soup looks yummy. I'm always up for something new. Have you ever had breaded deep fried dill slices with ranch dressing? Again, Yummo!! We enjoyed some at a restaurant called the Ballygiblin until the fish and shrimp pie in white wine sauce arrived. Isn't food wonderful?

This is April 1st?? Right? Nice rooster photos! Pickle Soup,..... Yah sure, you becha! I'll run this by Mom but I think you're pulling my leg....It might even be my finger.... High temp today in the upper 40's for a week! knee deep slush here at home......Pickle Soup??? you gotta be kidding me......Love, Dad

Sounds intriguing. I'll have to try this. Thanks, Anna. Have you ever had roasted carrot soup? YUM!

We had dill pickle soup just once at a restaurant, and have been wanting more ever since! Thank-you so much for posting this!

Oh YUM! Which restaurant is it? I live in TO and would love to try it! (but I'll be making it at home too!)

Are you kidding?! Pickle soup?! ROTFL! I love pickles and will surely have to try this!
Pickle soup? Really? HA!

Oh I've got to make this soup! Thanks Anna for sharing.

Yummy, I love dill pickles. Especially dill pickle potato chips!! Must try this one. Thanks for sharing, TGIF... hugs

I've never heard of pickle soup! I may just have to try this! Thanks for broadening yet another horizon for me. :)

Hmm, I have a feeling this is one I'll have to make just for myself, I don't see DH even trying it. But I think it sounds delicious - yum yum.
Shorty looks great in the snow!

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