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Hello! I'm a first time visitor and I just have to say, I wanna hug up those babies! Now, i found your blog because I typed in "Dexter Cattle Blog", and lo and behold, I saw these cuties. We recently bought acreage that we will be moving to this spring and one of the things we are trying to study up on are dexters. I'm looking for a milker to begin with. I've enjoyed your post and several others... I'll be reading!

Look at all of those babies! It's hard to believe that Popsicle is so lively after being born mere days before! They are all sooooo cute. Thanks for the great photos and the sequence of the epic head butting battle.

Loved catching up on the babies. Thought maybe Popsickle's head itched, but his horns aren't anywhere near to popping out. He's just being obstreperous!

Your pictures of the farm animals are so cute - love them! P.S. Thank you for taking out the time to talk "chicken" too, I really appreciated the info..

It looks like you could put Popcycle in with Betty once in a while and see what happens it could be the introduction of two real "soulmates" yes indeed "the calf that stared at a goat" It sounds like a strange movie title......humm... A headbutting calf with a headbutting goat! Cool....... get video going.... Love, Dad

What a great update! They are growing like crazy, and are ALL so BEAUTIFUL! And Popsicle is hilarious, trying to make a name for himself on the playground ALREADY! What a strong willed little fella! ADORABLE. I'm sure Riblet thought "what the heck is he trying to prove??", and I'm glad he didn't push back too hard. He could have flattened Popsicle if he'd wanted! :)
I was literally giggling out loud at the pictures. It's always great to read your commentary, and "visit" the new babies on the farm! Thanks! :D

Look forward to all the picutures. Just beautiful.

Oh what fun! Thanks for the update and all the great photo's. Just darling.

How awesome to watch all the babies growing and developing personalities! I love hearing about all the to-do on your farm!

Anna, I just can't seem to get enough of your barnyard photos and commentaries! They always elude to a simpler, calmer way of life ... the way life used to be and should STILL be! Thanks so much for continuing to share these photos and updates of your farm life ... you have no idea what an impact it has.

Your barnyard photo's put a huge smile on my face.........thanks!

xoxo Karen Lee

Their world appears to be *Mudalicious and Puddle Wonderful!* What fun they all are having. Especially Riblit and Popsicle. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, hugs...

Popsicle is cracking me up! I have an uncle like that. But, Dumbo is the cutest calf!

Five days and he's butting heads already? Wow. Cute pics!

Love the pics. Thanks for sharing anna!

Oh my goodness, how cute! Popsicle is a winner. And the girls - so feminine looking. About time we got more girls on the farm!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU for these photos! Absolutely wonderful! I can barely wait until you post more. Truly!

Baby animals can be a real hoot to watch as they gain their strength gain their social order in the herd. Just wait until popcicle gets a few more pounds on him. He'll be the bully of bardyard. We had a little Angus calf named Icecube because he was born in the Winter and froze the tips of his ears off. He was a friendly little bull calf and at 70 pounds it was cute to have him come up and rub his head up and down my leg but a 700 pound his loving head rub would send me flying through the air. He thought it was great fun and no intention of harm. We had to get rid of Icecube because he never met a fence that he couldn't climb, craw under, or push his way through. We chased that little bull around the country more than all the rest of the animals on the farm. Farm life was pretty boring after he left.

Have a great new calf day.

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