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While I was reading the Vampire Diaries I was thinking of your illness and the coments made me realise that the cure was here at home, MacTea! It make all other cures pail by comparison. Make a pot of your favorite Hot tea and add a healthy shot of MacNaughtons or your favorite whiskey (Crown Royal for me) to the cup and top off with what ever tea fits in the mug. Add a touch of lemon and a spot of honey. That helps it go down nicely! Keep drinking mugs of this until it is gone or your cold vanishes...... still have the cold and miseries, make another pot of tea and repeat the process.... Bottoms up!....Love, Dad

**Sending you & Alan warm H-U-G-S to get better quick!**
Maybe if you`re really lucky, Bad Betty will come and give you kisses :)

me again! I said antiseptic, but I believe that should be antibacterial!! We fresh garlicked EVERYTHING when my son was fighting mono. Favorite was garlic and cheese bread (1 whole clove in 2tsp butter) Least favorite-garlic tea with ginger, honey and lemon!!

Hmmm, so you're both sick as a dog, but not the one in the frame because he looks pretty healthy and cute!! To add to all the remedies; Cream of onion and garlic soup since garlic has natural antiseptic qualities. It is also a comfort food like mashed potatoes and cauliflower in cheese sauce and kinda like an inside mustard plaster!!! melt 1/4 c butter in a pot add in 1 sliced onion and 2-3 cloves crushed fresh garlic (fresh is best) when they are tender stir in 1/4 c flour and then pour in 1 1/2 cups boiling water (I usually add in some powdered Knorr chicken boullion because it is the best I've ever found) Add in milk to desired consistency and if you'd like and can manage it, add in a touch of cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Natural, powerful and surprisingly yummy. Hugs and hope you both feel better soon.

that bug has hit here too! Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

You draw the best doggies (and everything else too)! So sorry that you're both under the weather. :( Hope you feel better soon.

My Alan and I had the same illness over Christmas and it's taken us 3 full weeks to recover since we're asthmatics and he's got COPD. I'm so sorry you and Your Alan got hit too. I wish I could make it better for you.

Hi anna! I have one word for you...Mucinex!!! It works wonders! get extra strengh!

get well soon!

Get well soon wishes to you both. Thanks for the calf pics. OMG they are crack ups! Made my first purchase of Anna Wright Whipper Snapper stamps...love 'em. Chickens, of course!
Take care and hurry back to your crafty self.

Hope you all are feeling better FAST!

Booooo. Hissss. (on the cold I mean!) I just got over the same gross cold - I wonder how germs spread so far!

Off to check out the latest WS I'll be adding to my collection!

My usual get well wishes are stay warm and eat chicken noodle soup. But for you, um...chicken soup is SO wrong! : )
Hope you and Alan are feeling better soon. Hugs.

Wishing you both a very speedy recovery!!!

Hope you feel better soon. Put your feet up and drink lots of tea!

YUCKY, I really hate having the crud. I hope you feel better VERY soon. big hugs....

Love the dog stamp!! Hope there is a cat one like it coming soon!! Thanks for the sneak peek!

Hi Mary!
Im sorry you didnt hear from me -- I dont recall seeing an email from you about any photos.
I wonder if it was filtered by my Yahoo email as spam? Yours wouldnt have been the only one that went missing.
Im aware of at least 3 other emails (because I got follow-up notes from people) that I never received in the past few weeks.

Plz email me again -- how can I help you?


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Anna, I had emailed you a couple of weeks ago about using one of your photos. Since I haven't heard back from you, I'll assume you weren't interested and I'll do something different. Thanks anyway.


Get well soon! Doing chores while sick is yucky. :(

Sorry you are both under the weather. Hot tea and hot soup will help. Hugs and feel better asap!

Hope you are both feeling better soon - doesn't sound like much fun & probably makes it really difficult to keep up w/all the critters. Love your litte dog stamp. Hugs.

Very cute (image that is!). Feel better- sounds icky!

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