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I love how pretty you can make chickens look. I keep hearing about the terrible weather and blackouts in TX. Hope things are good at the farm.

Gorgeous portraits! Hang in there-spring is just around the corner! Could be worse...we have had an overnight ice storm here on Long Island and the kids are home from school again! AGH!!!!

Your chickens are just beautiful and that duck, Laffy Taffy with the little pom pom hat is so cute. I think it's the cutiest duck I've ever seen! We are having a snow blizzard in Missouri right now, it's drifted to 2 feet in some places. LOL Which is so odd for us. =D I wish I were a kid with a snow sled right now!!!

I have to agree with the Conan look-alike, and your Dad's suggestion to send it to the show! Please do it! I'm sure they will show it on TV!!!
The photos are just wonderful, I never knew chickens could be so interesting, until I met YOUR chickens! I love them all.
Can't wait to see your new stamps...and can't wait for Spring. We are having S*N*O*W today,and VERY cold winds (way below zero) brrrrrr.... I hope the critters don't go into "temperature shock"!!! :D
Stay warm, and hope you are much better. *HUGS*

Yup, that hen is a Conan lookalike for sure send a copy to the network and who knows you may get a cash reward! Curly Cue does sorta look like Liza Minelli in a rather pinkish red head band. I have been waiting for Betty to get the sparkle treatment on her horns tho and maybe even on her hooves, Smokin! Love, Dad

It is hard for me to imagine cold at the moment. Today in Melb, Australia we had a scorching 40 degrees C (104 degrees F). It was also very windy today so was like being in a furnice. I am looking longingly at your temperatures :).

Shorty is a beauty!!!

You crack me up! Thanks for the cheery, chicken & duck post. I definitely see Conan O'Brien lurking about in that chicken suit! Hugs.

Shorty is so handsome! But what does he know about nesting? :) You choose the best names for your poultry--well really all of your farm animals. I love Laffy Taffy and Curly Que. Such fun and beautiful photos. Stay warm.

Love the chicken pics, and glad you are feeling better. Our weather on the east coast is not as pleasant. It's 28 today, and snow and several inches of ice are coming tonight. Is it spring yet?? The ground hog won't even be able to see his shadow because he'll have to dig out of a foot of snow here first. My poor chickens are not liking it, and have taken to eating like pigs out of frustration. On the bright side, Whipper Snapper should have some new stuff to play with coming out tomorrow ,yippee!!

Ruby does look like Conan! Her "head dress" is better than his though! LOL


Laffy Taffy always makes me smile. Love your pics of all the chix! Batten down the hatches! We'll get the remnants of your storms in Florida later this week, but they'll mostly be all petered out to just rain.

Everyone is looking quite fabulous for picture day! lol I do think Ruby looks a lot like Conan O'Brian! Love Curly Que's plumage...quite remarkable! Laffy Taffy may not want water in the kiddie pool if it's going to freeze this week! Stay warm!:)

I love your animals especially the chickens and the ducks, my daughter has chickens in her kitchen so I always forward your pics to her, and she loves them too! Can you believe how beautiful its been here in TX the last 3 days? OMG how can the weather change so bad with sleet and ice coming? Don't they know that the Super Bowl is 5 min. down the road from me? Have a great day! Bev

Great photos - I always enjoy seeing your family. :0) It's warmed up to a balmy 43 in Illinois but I hear that the next couple days we're getting freezing rain. I do not like freezing rain.

Terrific pics Anna! Laffy Taffy is awesome. Dee's pic is my favorite of this lot. I feel like I'm on the farm with you!

LOL! My little boys LOVE Laffy Taffy! I always read your critter quotes in funny voices to my kiddos. They can't wait to see when you post more! Thanks for sharing!

Great "Chick" pics and oh my I love that Duck with the fuzzy top - Super cute.
Yep, that's out weather here too.
Yesterday in the 50's today in the 30's with rain/snow (nothing major) but oh my the low temps are back below freezing again.
Come on already I'm so ready for spring!

Lovely chicken photos today. Thanks. We are also looking at getting some nasty late winter weather. Maybe 12 or more inches of snow and cold. :( stay warm , big hugs...

yep, same here. we're in a winter storm warning. oh, joy!

great chicken photos. as usual. Dee looks like a good chicken to cuddle. :)

Love ALL your pics although I was kinda sad not to see Bad Boxcar Betty :) Ohh and I think that Curley Cue is Liza Manellie (spelling?), the singer-star !! LOL
So glad you are feeling better Anna xxoo

LOVE the pics of the chicks!!! refreshing to see them in this dreary winter weather we're having, they make me think of Spring..

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