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Love this idea! And how fabulous does a drawer of pretty glitter looks?!? <3

Now that's a bit of sparkly Heaven! So clever to use cardstock for dividers...now I DO have some of that! Off to watch the Snow Day Farm videos!

You're full of ingenuity, Anna! I'm ready for you to come do some organizing in my craft space. And you can give me coloring lessons while you're at it (notice how I ever so subtly threw that in). Beautiful plethora of sparkles!

Very ingenious!

Looking at that gorgeous glitter makes me so happy!

I think I'll try this for my stickles.Those bottles are ALWAYS falling everywhere!

On this bright but very cold day I am struck by the idea of the lady that suggested that Box Car Betty have her horns sparkled....... FAR OUT!!! A grand idea and one that is so off the wall that it has just the "right zing" to it. I think alternating bands of sparkles like lifesavers up each horn would be just peachy.......Love, Dad .... get out the Elmers Glue bottle!

Drooooooool.......look at all the pretty colors!!!

What a great idea - and all the colors lined up look so pretty - you get to open the drawer and just smile from all the color! When I finally start to unpack all of my craft stuff ~ I am going to remember this one!

Whoa that is a lot of sparkle. Great way to organize them. Mine get dropped in a basket or box all jumbled. That might explain why I do not use them more often! Stay warm, hugs....

What a great idea!! Love the pretty look, too!

Now, what could be prettier than a rainbow of glitter colors?!!!

The pups sure look like they had a good time, romping in the snow after one another. Bet they both had a snooze when they came in!

Now that I have that out of the way I just had to comment on your stunning stash of sparkley glitter :) Reminds me of jewels crossing every colour across the spectrum =) And as we all know, you can NEVER-EVER have enough sparkle in glitter.

BTW, maybe Bad Boxcar could have some sparkles put on those crazy horns of hers .... she`d really have all the boys chasing her :) LOL

I have the same glitter. I also store mine upside down and needed a divider. I might try this. Thanks for the measurements.

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