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This winter wonderland pictures are breathtaking!!

It's so beautiful there! It's a wonder to me how your dad can be so ornery with all that beauty surrounding him. ;-) Tippy is beautiful (or maybe it's your photography skills showing her off at her best).

Maybe Tippy's a little irked that your sweatshirt was where she wanted to sleep ;)

What fabulous views - the snow makes them just magical! You have wonderful photos, Anna! I love how you captured Tippy - it's really difficult to get a good photo of a black cat! She's gorgeous!

Oh WOW that is best view ever! And Tippy is so cute...I love the "unfinished" white markings around her mouth...it looks like somebody ran out of white paint!

I'm jealous of all the snowy weather you are enjoying! Thanks for the pictures.

OM goodness ... how breathtaking that scenery is! As for Tippy ... it's probably good that she can't speak her mind!

Gorgeous photos! We were fortunate enough to have a similar scene in our back yard the day after Christmas! Tippy is beautiful with the big green eyes! Enjoy!

Tippy is beautiful. Almost as lovely as the view from your folks place. WOW !!!

More pictures! More pictures! :) Tippy is gorgeous! Wow! Cats are such a nuisance to photograph with a flash, since they squint and look pissed alot. :)

Hope you're enjoying your holiday with Mom and Dad........wow! look at those beautiful eyes! Happy New Year too!


I adore Tippy's green eyes. Bewitching they are!

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