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I want that much snow down here in Walla Walla! Can you send some down? Beautiful!

Happy New Year! The snow is just beautiful. What a great giveaway. Thanks so much for a chance. I need a 2011 calendar.

Gorgeous - I still appreciate the beauty of snow like I did when I was a kid. What else can make the familiar sights look new and different? Happy New Year to you and your family, Anna!

Beautiful pics - I think your Dad needs an ATV/Snowplow. We have a few inches & very cold. Good day to stay home. Happy, happy New Year!

Anna - after reading your last post, I thought, "When she was there last year there was a snow storm" ... and look what happened!


It may look lovely but the snow yesterday was not what I care to handle. heavy and wet right before a major deep freeze. I'm going for truck mount next winter, I dont care who I have to knock off to getter dun! Oh, there is a turn in the drive that makes it look this way........... Love, Dad

These photos make me homesick for winters in Rossland. Thanks for posting them!

We looked just like that early this week. Now the temps are nearing the 50's . Crazy. Not to worry it WILL snow again. :( I took the camera fora walk, too. I will share those with you another day. Stay warm, enjoy the rest of the time at Mom & Dad's . Big Hugs all around...

Great photos. We are in the Seattle area right now and we had 4 inches yesterday - beautiful.

Yeah, the weather people keep telling us about snow all across the country but none for Nebraska. Could you send some our way? My grandson would be eternally grateful. He's been chomping at the bit to get grandpa's toggan down the school yard hill, but what little snow we get melts the next day with above freezing temperatures.

Have a great snow day.

Lol! Thought your dad was snow blowing the yard or something as there's no indication there's a driveway under all that snow! Enjoy your cocoa!

We ordered the snow just for you, Anna!! My poor trees were so heavy-laden I went out and hit the branches with the snow shovel so some of the snow would fall off (on my head, I might say!)...I remember our ice storm of '96 when hundreds of trees broke off with the snow and ice. I don't want that to happen. I love my trees...enjoy the snow, and the hot chocolate. xoxo

It's supposed to be 50 here tomorrow. :( I'm glad to see your photos. More please! Go out and make a snowman! You make so many on cards that it would be great to see how wild you went decorating a real one. :))

We did a little of what Dad was doing too today over in Coeur d Alene. 10" at 8pm. close to Canfield Mtn. Didnt get any cards made today. Spent too much time snowblowing, shoveling and making bean & ham soup with cornbread. I'm sure Jeanne H was doing the same thing. But it sure is a winter wonderland out there with all the branches covered...Time for an epsom salt bubble bath for the sore muscles. Enjoy the season. :-)

Absolutely breathtaking!!!!! Thanks for sharing your trip back home. All we have in Texas is rain and more rain. I enjoy visiting your blog daily.

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