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I'll take sweet over smart anyday! Smart pups get into too much trouble!

Mr.Farley is a sweetie. Thanks for sharing.

Awwww, that is just adorable! Mr. Farley has good taste if he chooses a squeaky hedgehog as his favorite toy--they are so cute. :) (And so is he.)

Photo of Mr Farley "squishing" said hedgehog please!!!!!??????

What a fun post - love that Mr. Farley! I would love to see that hedgehog/dog playtime. Thanks for the smile!

Who says old dogs can't have fun? Our old pup dog that was a mix of Pekingese and Poodle was the watch dog of the backyard. Any rabbit, squirrel, or other critters had to reckon with him. He chased those critters for neigh on 15 years until his arthirtis just wouldn't let him do it. He would even twitch run in his sleep so I know he was dreaming about keeping the backyard clear of critters. He was only 10 pounds but I'm sure he would have fought to the death to protect his territory.

Have a great animal day.

funny picture, and nice to see Farley is doing well. Nala does the same thing with her unstuffed raccoon while on her back.

What a sweet guy! He is getting white but glad he's still feeling young!

He has a sweet face :) We had a golden when first married. She was dingbatty, but so sweet. Was obsessed w/ tennis balls. We have a pic of her asleep (on the couch of course!) w/ 3 tennis balls in her mouth. The first time she saw snow, she went outside on the patio, spit her tennis ball out, put her paw on top of it and "drew" arcs in the snow w/ it. Will never forget that!

Can we have him cloned? I would very much like to have an exact copy of my own up here to pal around with and take fishin.....Love, Dad

Yea!!! I've been waiting for a Mr. Farley update. I'm so glad he is doing well. I love your animal updates most of all. Happy holidays. Crystal N

That would be a blurry Mr. Farley and wouldn't ya know blur photography is the "in" thing right now.

Looks like a "puppy" to me.

HAHAHAHAHA! It's the boy doggy. Did you take this picture while you were lying down on pain meds for your sore back? :-)

Mr. Farley!

Hey Anna ,,, glad to hear you back is getting better - just take it easy and don`t over-do !! I think these big eyes are Mr Farley....but I can see a bit of Bad Boxcar in there too :)

Mr. Farley!

No - on 2nd thought, Miss Daisy is too dark - has to be Mr. Farley.

At first glance looks kinda porno *snicker*. I'm thinking that's Miss Daisy 'in your face'.

It's either Farley or Bogey (another doggy that I see that you've taken pictures of recently).


It's the doggy - I forget his name!
How funny!

LOL! I have no idea...........

I was going to guess Daisy, but the coloring looks more like Farley to me, so I'm going with that. Ü

YIKES, I still am not sure what I am looking at! How about Calio-pea?

Mr. Farley, I'm thinkin'!

Holy Cow, Anna - that morph looks downright obscene. I'll bet it's the Dee-Oh-Gee.


I mean Mr Farley!!!

Sweet Miss Daisy?

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