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I'm SO JEALOUS!!! We're a little West of your "farm" and have set record highs a couple of times in the past 4 or 5 days and will likely do it again today (high of 83)...still praying for the mid-50s they're promising for West Texas Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Enjoy the snow and I hope you arrive safely!!!

Glad to see you back in our neck of the woods in the north. If you come to Coeur d'Alene, you'll have to check in with myself and Jeanne H. Have a Merry Christmas with your family.

Have a fun safe Christmas. I know it means a lot to your parents. I copied the recipe and am thinking of trying it tomorrow.
Wishing you and Alan a Merry Christmas.

Hi Anna!
Have a wonderful Christmas and travel safely - HUGS!!

I just printed out your recipe; I have to give these a try this year; have a wonderful Christmas with your family and Merry Christmas to Alan and the critters too!

Have a great Christmas with your parents..and you also Alan...I would have to vote...stay home and be in the warmth w/Alan..hahaha!!!!

Merry Christmas, Kellie

Merry Christmas to you & your family Anna!! Have fun in the snow! And that's so funny that you linked to those PB cups because I had bookmarked it last year --I just HAD to make them. But I never did. Nor this year. Sigh....

Have a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the snow (we have it here in Wally World - again) so I'm sure your folks have it as well. Wishing you, Alan & all the farm critters a warm, safe and very Happy Holiday season. God Bless

Have a safe trip, Anna and a wonderful Christmas with your Mom and Dad. Hope the critters don't give Alan any trouble while you are gone, especially if someone like BCB realizes that Alan is alone!

Anna My Anna - I hope your trip is uneventful and that your time in WA is memorable. Merry Christmas to you, your Alan and yours.

A Christmas with Mom and Dad Wight sounds like FUN. Hug them for me! Have a wonderful time. Hugs...

Wishing you both a Merry Christmas. Travel safe. Hugs Ann

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