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I am so sorry this happened to you! I fly for (said airline) and I am sorry. I hope your trip back home goes smoothly, and that you dont harbor too much ill will! Maybe you will be on one of my flights one day, and I will make it up to you!

No! No! Don't make me go! It's warm down here! I met this cute little dufflebag named Dustin. We had the best time on the luggage go-round in Terminal C.

Merry Christmas Anna. Hope you get your luggage and enjoy every minute with your family. Also greetings to Alan back at the ranch.

Hopefully they get it to you soon.. What a frustration. I am also hoping that you have a wonderful vacation. I wish I was going home for the holidays. It is such a special time.. Good luck and enjoy..

Oh boy! Traveling sure isn't glamorous! Hoping you get your luggage as soon as possible and that the rest of your vacation is much more pleasant! Have a very Merry Christmas! :)

UGH, I hate it when they lose our luggage! SO ANNOYING!!! Thank goodness you are "home", so you can use some of your Mom's stuff for the time being. That is still not very comforting, when your own stuff is far, far away. I'm SO SORRY! Why does this stuff have to happen??? I suppose it's not too bad, compared to the folks whose houses floated away in the rains this week...not to mention the mudslides. UGH. That would be worse. Perspective is always good!
Have a wonderful time with your Mom and Dad. Please tell them I said HELLO! I did not send a single Xmas card this year; my apologies. But Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours! *HUGS*

Sounds to me like you should go out and buy a brand new pair of jammies (I mean 'loungewear') and relax in them until your luggage arrives!

Well, soon it will be Christmas and I'm sure everything will be sorted out by then...isn't there a song "It's gonna be a Christmas to Remember?" You'll be talking about this one all year long...bless your time with your folks...we are so close, Anna, maybe one day we will meet!! Jeanne in Coeur d'Alene xoxoxo Merry Christmas

I meant stay an extra day, not and extra day. Tell your Dad to cough up some cash so you can get some clothes! :))))))

Just think how awful it would be if you were in DFW and your suitcase was in Newport! Saw Spokane on a weather.com video. Cars crashing in slow mo on icy south hill! Can't say I miss it. High was 70 today in Central Florida. Make sure your Dad drives safe!

Anna, that is one sad tale. :( Sorry we didn't have a better welcome for you here in the Northwest. You definitely deserve another vacation! Tell your family and Alan hi from me, and here's wishing you a merry Christmas in spite of all the problems. Hugs.

Things will get better and a good excuse to get a wicked cool new sweater right?LOL! Enjoy your family! and have a great Christmas!

Bummer!! I hope your luggage gets a first class seat and is reunited with you very soon! Or maybe Delta will give you a hefty chunk of money to go on a shopping spree for your inconvenience :) Enjoy your Christmas with your family.

Sorry to hear the vacation got off to a bad start. I am sure it will get much better very soon. That said... Have a wonderful adn relaxing Christmas with the folks. Hugs to all...

Here's hoping the rest of your visit will be filled with wonderful memories to soften the memories of the beginning. :) Merry Christmas!

Oh that's too bad. Not a fun way to start your vacation - no luggage & the dentist! Yuck. I'm sure the rest will be good as I know you & your Mom always have fun doing some creative crafting. And, I'm sure your Dad will be up to something to entertain you! Hugs.

I agree! I think you should stay and extra day for each day that got ruined!

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