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Uh-oh! Hope you have a nice long rest and good for Alan for taking such good care of you!!!

My Aunt Bobbie always said that the golden years suck!
Get better soon!
So many photos to take, so little time!
Jan E
Los Mo CA

Ohhhh I wanna see you make a card on painkillers, chuckle! I betcha it would be LOTS of pretty colors! I sooo hope you are feeling better soon!

Bless your heart! I am so sorry you are hurting. I have had that too, being a farm girl! Take ibuprofen, try crushed ice packs (in a ziploc) if the heat doesn't help. A TENS unit that delivers a slight electric shock can do wonders. I got mine from Amazon.com for about 30 bucks. It works great. You can buy a special "back pad" for it that is long so it delivers in the right locations. They are cheap, too. If you were here I would fix you right up! Please take care, and feel better FAST. We don't want you to be in pain! NO GOOD! (and your Dad is awesome :D ) *HUGS*

Oh dang! Sorry to hear you hurt your back! Hope it's feeling better in no time! The downside of farming! :(

I am doing the ice thing....and sleeping in the recliner so I sympathize with you....no more 50# for you missy!!! Not the time of year to be"creepin' around...get better!!

Oh dear...hope you are feeling better soon. I have been through the same thing....rest it but go to a physio who will relax and retrain your seized up muscles for you. Feeling your pain! ((hugs))

Sorry to hear you are laid up---I'll be your personal Nurse!
take Shala's advice alternate heat and ice 20 mins on 20 mins off--- Nsaid like Ibuprofen or aleve if your not allergic....
hot tub if ya got one!
lots of TLC from Alan.
hope you get better soon.
PS: Bon Bons and Ice cream aren't a bad idea too! :)

Sorry you aren't feeling up to snuff! Let those relaxers do their job and you RELAX. BTW, this is the good part where Hubby gets to wait on you a bit! LOL!

OUCH. Some good advice here. Take care and rest. You'll be back to normal soon. Big
*careful* Hugs....

bummer! hope it's nothing more than a muscle strain. take good care of that back; you only have one. feel better soon!

Nothing worse than back pain. I've had it off and on for years. good luck!! Feel better!

And to think, I have trouble moving a 5 lb sack! Anna, what were you thinking?! I hope you feel better soon (and I'll remember to not ever pick a fight with you - you are w-a-y-y stronger than me!)


Get better soon!!!

Aha, just as I suspected, a probable victim of the pick/lift/twist syndrome. Be very aware of the muscle relaxing stuff back muscles are not the only muscles that they relax,hint... bowls no move. The heat, stretch, and my favorite... massage, oh baby!are swell with the right "therapist" linament is another wonder worker. If you're not going to drive for a while.....Southern Comfort/ Yukon Jack on the rocks,(light on the rocks)is one that fixed me up for about 3 days!back in my younger days after a serious skiing accident. If it sounds like I'm accident prone....nope, just an old Ironworker with risky hobbies.........Love, Dad

I know what you mean about feeling old! I have successfully avoided back issues for almost 54 years; then carrying a bookcase from IDEA up 3 flights with my daughter was just so hilarious she (taking the top) stopped about every single step to cross her legs so she wouldn't pee! ONE of those steps I made a mistake and was shocked at the resulting pain! Just short of my birthday! Oddly, she still finds the whole thing hilarious!

Alternate with cold packs. Take an anti-inflammatory. Don't stay in one position for very long. Do gentle stretches.

Your Alan had the right idea. I hope you follow Doctor Alan's orders to the Tee. I hope you're on the mend soon too.

Oh rats, back pain is the worst! Relax and let those muscle relaxers do their thing! Hope you feel better soon!

Heating pad and muscle relaxers make for a winning combination. I hope you're back to tending to your animals soon. I'm sure the animals miss seeing you!

Not much worse than back pain, other than maybe, Migraine. You have to rest your back and that's means doing nothing. Maybe spend some time in your craft room in a comfy chair. Feel better soon, Anna!

Sending healing thoughts your way and big hugs.

Oh, no, a sore back is nasty. I hope the heating pad, drugs, and Alan's TLC get you back on your feet soon, Anna!

Oh my, back pain on a farm is never good. I am a fellow back pain sufferer and I can definitely feel your pain. Hope the heat pad and muscle relaxers take care of business.

Oh those muscle relaxers put me down for hours! Hope your back is better soon!

I'm so sorry--nothing worse than back pain, in my opinion. I'm lucky that I've only experienced a little bit in my life. Hope you feel better soon! Glad Alan is taking good care of you. :)

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