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Must have missed this post ... what a wonderful new little girl! She looks so safe and comfortable in Alan's arms. Nice work, Princess!!!

I just love the sentence about the other cows doing a bit of running and jumping and celebrating. That paints such a nice, happy picture! Congrats to the whole farm! Enjoy her!

It's always good to see Boxcar Betty on your blog--she's my favorite! Check out the Thanksgiving card I made with one of your sets when you get a chance to stop by my blog.

Oh, how wonderful! La Bella Principessa! I thought Dexters were small and for an hours old baby, Alan sure has his hands full! Congratulations on all your new babies!

Such a happy tale, and a beautiful baby. But it looks like Betty has a calculating glint in her eye, that says she's been good for too long and is due for more mischief!

Congratulations on another sweet baby, she is beautiful. I love the pic of Alan carrying her, puts her size in perspective. Hope you are feeling better now, have a wonderful weekend.

Congrats! SO exciting to see new birth. We should have more piglets this weekend - some of the mamas are looking VERY full:) Take care,

That's just the sweetest story with a very happy ending! So glad all is well on the farm with your pretty new baby. Betty looks pleased as well! Happy Friday.

Oh goodness life has been bursting with activity lately on the farm. Such sweet babies. Congrats to all.

Congrats on another new baby :) But best of all, a shot of my gal-pal Betty ! LOL ! She has *trouble* written all over her face =D

Sweet little Mini Moo! She is a clone of her mother. :) TGIF, hugs...

Yay!!!!! She is beautiful!!!
Thanks again for your help yesterday!!!

Thanks, Anna! This set of lovely photos made an otherwise cruddy morning very happy! :) I'm happy for you that Princess delivered a heifer. But, is Princess a Dexter? That calf looks like she could have come out of an Angus.

Soooooooo adorable. :)

Congratulations, Alan and Anna! Moooooo

Congrats on the new healthy addition to the herd. At least you didn't have to teach this one how to eat. Have a great new life on the farm day.

Congratulations on another beautiful baby! You two are the best the way you take such great care of your animals! I sure wish all farmers did! Those sweet animals deserve the best treatment we can give them!

Congrads! on you new member. I don't comment often; but I love your blog. I love all your animals and the way you present them. What a great little farm you have.

Way to go Princess! What a beautiful calf. :D I think she looks like a "Duchess". Congrats on getting some girly girls on the farm lately!

I always marvel at how clean your animals look. I'd swear you wash Boxcar Betty's face before you snap a picture!!

Well, It looks like all the expletives have been said. Alan looks macho, the calf looks relieved, Princess can finally breath deeply and all is right with the world. And... as Charlot (the zipper spider) would say, "that's some calf" congratulations to the lovely mother....Love, Dad

Awww, I'm so happy for you! The new heifer is just so precious - what is it about all little babies?!?! And my goodness, even the photo of a man holding a baby COW makes me weak-kneed? What gives with that?! It used to be just men and babies. I guess that extends to all types of babies now! LOL

Great photos Anna. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy!

Anna - I LOVE your stories and pictures of all the critters on the farm, especially the new babies. You are truly blessed and I can tell you love what you are doing with all your heart. And what a precious picture of Alan carrying that sweet new baby! If you ever write a book (and it MUST have pictures) I want one!!! Have a happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the joy you spread! Love, Jeanne in Idaho where we got our first snow this morning! xoxo

Awwwww, that is some kinda cute! Way to go, Mama Princess and Baby Princess! Way to go, Alan and Anna and BBB! Hurrah to all!

I grew up on a farm. I miss it. Enjoy the pictures. Miss the animals.

Always exciting stuff on the farm --can I move in?? Great great pictures as always!! Adorable baby & yes mama does look like a big ole hippo LOL!

Congratulations on your recent additions. Princess' baby is quite a looker. And Your Alan has eyes like aquamarines just like My Alan. Yaaaaaaaay Alans (that's plural for Alan).

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