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Congrats on your new arrival! It's amazing to think that your critters are still having babies while in Nebraska we're all huddled up trying to stay warm! It's actually snowing outside today!

So stinkin' cute!!! I totally love the name, too! Thanks so much for always sharing your life on the farm (as well as your wonderful creations)!

Time to hit the thesaurus to come up with descriptive words for this new darling! :) Princess is due next, right?

Congrats on the new arrival. He is just adorable! I'm glad all the cows are having successful deliveries. I would love to get my hands on those babies! They are just THE cutest! :D

Awwwwwwwwwww......... how adorable!!!!!!

Congrats on the new life on your farm. All baby animals are cute and cuddly. What will you do with your new bull calf?

Have a great day on the farm.

What a cute little one! I really love your blog! It's so very cool to see all the wonderful things you all experience on the farm! Thank you for sharing!

Riblet is the epitome of cuteness!

Love seeing your life on the farm pics. Riblet is the cutest of the new crop of calves. How are you doing on naming the others? Riblet got his name awfully fast!

He is adorable. What a sweetie he is.

So cute. I can hardly wait to see him.

Oh he is soo cute!!! Congrats on the new addition!

I just love seeing these pictures! He's soooo cute!

Awww, Don't ya' just wanna give him a hug? He's a cutie for sure.

Awwwww, another precious little baby! That's so cute and funny that his mama pawed and kicked dirt and hay all over herself to warn you away. :) He's adorable!

Congratulations on the latest addition. He's quite the looker isn't he? Great job on the photos.

AAAAAAH - I hope it's not "Nomen est Omen".... He is sooooo cute!

Riblet, not *Chicklet!* Boy is he tiny and cute. Ya, boys can be cute when they are small. Then they get handsome. :) HUgs...

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