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My, what handsome roosters you grow on your farm! Their feathers are quite stunning--no wonder the ladies love them.

Thank you so much for giviing this city girl of 61 yrs., a chance to see a little bit of what country life is about and at the same time enjoy wonderfully designed cards. Happy and Merry Christmas to you and your family including the critters as well.
Cyber hugs.

What a handsome pair they are! Love their feathers! Wish I could keep chickens!

I see that your Dad is in rare form again!

And those boys ... what handsome dudes! They all look like real ladies' men!

They are stunning, Anna, and we will politely ignore the fly fisherman...

My goodness Anna! These Roosters are so handsome! I haven't gotten permission for hens, much less a rooster - I doubt it would work for me but I can admire the young guys anyway, right?

They certainly are some handsome boys! I bet it doesn't take long to find them a new henhouse to hang out in!

Ya, but they play the piano? Tiny Tim could yodel. Man, would ya look at the fly tying material!!!! Oh well, we dont have the ladies anymore and it's colder than a witch's......nah, better not go there,.... popcycle...Me being a popcycle fan that's risky too...better make that "Beer". Yup it's colder than a beer here Pend Oreille County, Washington.BRRRRRRRRR....Love, Dad

Ooooh, I love Zane Grey, he is beautiful. So how exactly would I get a chicken from Texas to PA, hmm, have to think on this, then I could have little black cochin frizzles, wouldn't that be cute.
Hope they find a good home.

I am sure the boys will have new homes very soon! They are so HANDSOME. Wish I could have a few here. Hugs...

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