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How could Mom NOT feel better with this adorable card?! Sounds like a nasty fall--hope she's mending quickly. Tell your dad that he's going to have to quit trying to trip her or he'll be in trouble after this.

I love how you stamped the woodgrain stamp behind the froggy! That looks amazing (as does your painting)!

Ouch! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery from your fall. So glad Anna sent you such a cheery card. Frogs are a favorite of mine too.

What a fun card! I know it cheered your mom up. Speedy recovery "mom"

Thank you very much everyone. I look worse than it is. I'm disappointed with all the excitement, I didn't get two black eyes! It's a bummer that I broke my right hand--my left hand was usually useless and I can't drive (DK says it's important to be able to see, I say I'm the biggest car on the road--I have the right-away in all situations). However, I still can run a creditcard at the fabric stores--YIPPEEE
Anna's card is 100 times cuter in person, however I'm glad she can share it now. Thank you Anna, you always know how to cheer me up, a phone call and bonbons! MOM

Awwww, hope the big owie goes away quick for your Mom. Sounds like she has a sweet man to take care of her while she mends. I bet she loved your wicked cute frog card!

That's too bad about your Mom's fall. Hope she is mending quickly so everyone quits teasing her about fights & lion mauling. Your card is just adorable. The wood grain does add a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.

this card with surely cheer her up! this is one of my fave sets...love everything about your card!

Cute froggie card Anna! And Mom, add to the bon bons, a nice recliner, a lap quilt and a good book. Get well soon!


Some of the people at school, yes she is a teaching person, made up a story about her getting in a fight with a mountain lion...but she won the fight! Yaa, right. I wanted her to stay home for a week or so because I knew I would be blamed for it. I feel it was my fault because I was not ahead of her to break the fall. However I took out a multimillion dollar insurance policy on her the day before and I'm not sure if I can keep up the payments....... just kidding...... Love, Dad

I too, hope that Mom is on the mend and not over doing it. She'll be picking up a needle and thread before you know it. I'm certain she loved your froggie card and that DK is pampering her to no end.

So sorry to hear about your mom's fall-glad it wasn't worse-get well wishes to her.

She will love Ms. Frog-cute card.

I am so glad to hear she is okay.. That must have been scary and painful.. This is adorable. I love the wood grain in the back ground.. Looks terrific..

Oh no, poor Mom! So sorry to hear of her fall; and hoping she is getting better every day! :D
Take care, Lori, and please feel better soon!
Anna, your card is ADORABLE! I'm sure your Mom loved it. I love the frog, the flies, and the cattails!

Your froggy card is so cute. It's nice to pull out the old favorites sometimes and ink them up.
Mrs. Wight, sorry about the fall, please take it easy and heal quickly. Sounds like DH Wight is taking good care of you.

So sorry to hear about your mom!! I agree this image is absolutely darling - hope she is on the mend - tell her to stay away from bars and wild times! Love your dad's sense of humor!

Hope your Mom is felling better ... she needs to tell anyone that comments that "if you think I look bad, you should see what I did to the other guy!" I'm sure your Dad is taking good care of her and probably taking photos too!

Your card is so adorable, Anna ... I just can't get enough of your clean and understated style.

So sorry to hear Mom took a tumble. Hope she listens to you and enjoys her bon bons. : )
Frogs and Flies is one of my all time favorite stamp sets! Hugs to all.

Your Dad is my kind of people....he sounds like he is a hoot with such a good sense of humor. I am sorry your Mom had an accident. Hope she mends quickly

I'm so sorry your Mom took a tumble and know that your fun card will help put a smile back on her face!

The card is just darling, Anna! It looks like something you could have designed (the image, I mean - of course you DID design the card!).


Oh Dear, Sorry to hear about Mom's accident. Glad she is on the mend. Your Dad is a hoot. Hopefully he makes her laugh and takes good care of her while he teases. (I am sure he does *wink*) Get Well soon Mrs. Wight. Hugs...

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