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Oh my! What a week indeed. Poor dumbo & poor Anna & Alan. Good luck & I hope he gets it all figured out so you can quit being so "pooped" out. XOX

Think "chest waders" Hodgeman makes several models that are very "cost effective" and fool proof. Wicked cute too! Have a lovely Day............ Love, Dad

Anna he sure is a cute little fellow, hope he gets a brain real soon.LOL less work for you and Alan.

Awww, what a sad story for the poor little dumb calf! He's very lucky to have such loving owners, willing to help him get his meals until he hopefully figures it out himself. That's scary when calves don't take off and start nursing right away, huh? Wasn't Dixie the one that looked like she was about to explode?

That Betty is one of a kind! Of all things--butting a cow chute every morning!

Awwww, he's not a Dumbo, he's, well... MALE!!!! LOL Typically they are boob kinda guys but he's pretty young still ;) I LOL over the timing of needing to pee and poop from BOTH Junior and Dixie!!!! LOL I'm SO sorry but OH MY!!! You two are SUCH excellent animal owners, the love I see constantly in your pics makes me smile....

GOOD LUCK... just remind Junior (NOT calling him Dumbo) that he's a BOOB GUY!!!! ;)

I like Dubya for a name better than Dumbo. Dubya was as dumb as any shrub could be! Hope your baby gets the right idea soon. The idea of you doing your nursing assistant job in hip waders is pretty good!

Oh My Goodness - you're right! DUMBO! LOL
I was in stitches over the description of him wetting on you, then how messy Dixie was in addition . . . I'll say a little prayer that he figures it out REALLY FAST!


I think this story sounds like a wonderful start to a children's book. Maybe you could rename the cattle chute to the "poop chute".

Dumbo is a little cutie. Let's hope he gets it all figured out soon.

Awwww, poor little Dumbo ... I really hope that he catches on soon ...

Wow... this incredible. Good for you to do this for your animals. Hopefully Dumbo will get a little smarter!!

Farm animals never cease to amaze me. It can certainly be challenging raising cows. Sometimes I have to wonder how they ever survived without human intervention. I suppose back then it was only the strong and relatively smart survived. We have caused dependency in our domestic animals. I hope that Dumbo gets a little wiser before too long.

Have a great Dixie/Dumbo day.

Oh wow...I had to laugh, but am sorry that's been happening! I hope that Dixie soon realizes that the chute = relief from the milk--that udder looks painful--and maybe she'll at least just start walking in there. (I know--yeah right!) Too funny abt Betty :) Best wishes to y'all!

Being a farm girl at heart I certainly enjoy reading your stories -- even the ones that tell about difficulties because you keep such a good attitude. Thanks for warming my heart this morning.

OMW! when I saw the name, I was thinking is ears must have exploded in size overnight!! LOL! Boy, he sure isn't clever is he? What a pair of stinkers to mess everything up like that too. I sure hope he figures this all out soon. Such a lot of work! Does this happen often? I never dawned on me that cows might sometimes have trouble breastfeeding too! He must figure it out soon...

OH MY! What a pain. At least you have the chute though which is a blessing. Hope all your hard work pays off.

The way you and Alan care for all of your animals is heartwarming!

Life on the farm! Love your story! Your work and patience look to have paid off! Hope Dumbo learns to feed normally real fast!

Sending Dumbo good thoughts for learning how to eat!!

Oh Anna, what a battle! Hope you win quickly, as the laundry will be mounding up quickly. Yipes. Dumbo sounds perfect to me. You're dad cracks me up!

My dad raised calves for 50 years. They all have their own little quirks. Hormonal moms can get really mean but they are just protecting. I am glad that he is at least eating something now. I have seen other moms adopt little ones when their mom has no milk production. Motherly instincts I guess.. This brings back sweet memories as the EPA shut my dad down last year at age 73. His farm is too close to a creek. He misses it terribly.. Thanks for the photos. Go Dumbo Go

Wow, I guess Dumbo isn't the smartest in the barnyard. Good luck getting him to feed on his own. I hope it happens soon for your sake.

Silly Dumbo! Good luck getting the little fella to THINK on his own. (Your dad cracks me up!) Have a better day (less Poop!) hugs...

Enjoy reading your articles . . . Dumbo sure is cute! Hope he figures out real soon where the drivethru is. : ) We live right next to hubby's brother(over 300 acre farm) w/the cows & pigs!
Have a great day!

You are going to have to get yourself a pair of those fishing pants (hip-waders, I think they are called) to wear, while educating Dumbo on the feeding process.

I'm sure Betty has "her reasons" but unfortunately, they will stay a secret in her own little mind!

Silly boy! Your washing machine will be doing extra duty until the little bugger gets it all figured out!

Ha, I was thinking Dumbo must have big ears, but I guess it's because he's not the brightest calf on the block. Sure hope he learns soon that he has a mobile snack-bar.

I apologize about that comment about the little bulls name.... I ment to say Vermont..Love, Dad

The eyes of a newborn are probably a bit "out of focus" and when the target of his desire is the size of the Goodyear Blimp his brain may be in shock. When thinking of his name it seems to me that "W" would be a good name for him being a born Texan and unable to find a tit on an udder the size of Idaho...Oops..Oh my! slap my face! It's easy to "outthink" a goat, but I figure Betty has a better chance in a fight with a cattle chute than with Houdini!

Darn, I liked the name "Harry", but I see why you chose the name "Dumbo" instead. :D You gotta cut the little guy some slack; he is a male after all. LOL

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