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Oh, so cute... I just love your lovely animal photos, they are fantastic :-) Your animals seem to have the very best life at your farm :-)))And I think we have the same hobby, cardmaking ;-)love from Tassen's owner RitaK
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You know that Pixie Stix's "hair twirly swirls" are really cowlicks(?). Houdini is all grown up with horns! Seems like just yesterday he was slipping out through the fence every time you turned around. I like all the suggestions for names from everyone.

Oh my gosh how cute are those new babies. Love all the pics of your animals. Pixie Stix is a darling name. XOX

Cute cute cute! That underbite . . . ADORABLE!! will she have it for ever or is that a normal calf thing?

So much happening on the Farm but oh those babies are so cute. Princess looks huge and well Toad is just to adorable and I'm so glad you slipped in Betty.

You are SO fortunate Anna to have all these adorable babies surrounding you on the farm:)
And thank you for my update on Boxcar ~ heheheh ~ her face makes me smile!!

Cute babies!
How about Mason for the new baby bull calf, a take on Mason/Dixon..
Now Princess is huge, one big square, lol
Know anything about pigs? I came home from camping with the Brownies this morning and there was a pig in our driveway. we are trying to find out where it came from...

Well, I don't see "Dixie Land" or "Heart of Dixie" mentioned yet. Or if you go with Dad's heritage you could call him "Harry" for Harry Houdini or "Seigfried" or "Roy" for the Vegas magic duo. Or combine Mom and Dad's names for "Dinipix" or "Houpix" or "Pixhou" or "Pixdini". You get the point. LOL Suggesting names for your animals is SO fun. I also like some that have already been suggested like "Mason" and "Whistling Dixie". I better stop now since I get a little carried away. :D

If Toad ever needs a new home, he come to my house! What a lover!

Awwww, wicked cute calf!

I kinda like the sound of Porter..House It has a nice "ring" to it. I picked up more lumber today for Lori's quilting playground, One would think I'm building Noah's Ark by the size of the materials list!

Argh! I was going to say Mason, for the Mason-Dixie line! Really! Great minds think alike!!! Kismet!

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine trying to keep all those critters fed every day. Summer is so danged hot and then the cold winter, those are some healthy looking cows running about. Thanks for the photos!

Not thinking very creatively these days. Dixie has a bull calf. Name a boy. Houdini is Daddy. Maybe Copperfield? (Magician) Have peaceful weekend. Hugs...

Whistling Dixie?? They are such cute babies!

how about Mason, in keeping with the Dixie theme, aka the Mason Dixie Line

they are adorable and look so cute to cuddle LOL

Dixie Boy

Name the bull calf:

"Dixie's Dunn Good"

OMGosh! If those aren't all just the most precious babies. Too cute for words! Keep the photos coming!

OMG, both babies are soo soooooo cute. I'm a vet tech student here in California and we're about ready to go to the farm next week to do some hands-on with the cattle (we have Maine Anjou). Can't wait. I love seeing your cows here ... and all your animals.

Wowie, they are DARLING!!! So tiny - but I know they grow fast! I am stunned by how huge Princess looks - she must be pretty uncomfortable! (fingers crossed!)
Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos Anna - I just {{heart}} your ranch!

Yay! I knew I was right about the bull calf! Great name for Dust's baby. :) Pixie Stix are full of sugar and she just looks like she's full of baby sweetness. :)))

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