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Naan, this snowman is adorable and would look perfect hanging on my eclectic Christmas tree. My favorite decorations are the many wonderful ornaments I have been given over the years. Every one of them goes on my tree...from stuffed teddy bears, vintage angels to sparkly handblown Minnie and Mickey.

I love each one of the ornaments that my 3 children have made for my tree. My most favorite memory of Christmas is the red bells that my Grampa and Gramma used to have hanging in the windows on the side and front of their house- it was always a welcome sight when walking to their house every day after school. I'm now 50 and still I smile when I think of that.

My favorite Xmas ornaments are my snowflake lights. I have a set of 3 very large snowflakes that we hang in a huge window for all the neighbors to see.
I sure hope I win this little cutie snowman. Thanks for the chance!

What a big button jar ;-). And what a dinky musical snowman.
I love almost all my decorations as they all have memories attached to them, but I think my favourites are the little snowmen I knit the first year we were married when DH had just lost his job and money was tight. Some of them have knitted scarves, some scarves are scraps from sewing.
There's a photo of one here :D - http://mymiscellany-cook22.blogspot.com/2009/12/old-tree-decoration.html

I love this cutie! My favorite decorations are the ornaments that I bought through the years that made me think of one of my kids. Now when I open them up to hang them on the tree I remember all kinds of things. They like to hear the little stories while we're putting them on the tree.

Hi Anna,
What a sparkly little guy! I bet he can carry a tune, too. I have quite a collection of snowmen that come out at holiday time, but get to hang around until at least Valentine's Day here in the northeast. I love decorating for any holiday!
Thanks for sharing! I enjoy all your creativity and farm life stories on your blog.

That little guy would look good hangin' around my piano with his music this holiday. My favorite decoration is my lighted houses that I put on the mantle each year.

He is just darling, Anna.

Love this frosty guy - cute cute cute! My favorite decorations on my Christmas tree are several I got from my Grandma - one is a lamp and another is a squirrel and there is a covered wagon too - now I have no idea what is Christmasy about these items but every year when I unwrap them I am flooded with memories of Christmases at my Grandma's house - great memories!

Oh goodness! This little sweetie wants to come live with me! I have to say my favorite Christmas decorations are everything red and white. . . snowmen, candy canes, sleds, snowflakes, etc. Somehow, red and white just seems so happy!

I have been loving this sheet music/glittered pretties you have been making and this guy is my favoritist of them all! I live in North Pole. So I have a display of snowmen that have their own spot all year round.

Oh, he's so cute, Anna!! Favorite decoration??? My tree!!

OH MY, how cute he IS!!!!....You do such a winderful job on everything you create....favorite Holiday decor for me is anything fresh, such as pine boughs, anything natural.....the smell's of fresh cut bough's nothing like it!!

One of my favorite Christmas decorations were the wood blocks that spelled out Christmas with a tree as the T that belonged to my mother-in-law. When she died, I made sure to get them. Sadly, they were lost in the fire. My other favorite decorations are the ornaments that were made every year by our Christmas tree grower. He would take your photo with your tree and the following year, it would be there on his big green board with all the others. Now, he's retired and we won't have any more buttons to hang on the tree. Well, gosh, I'm really a downer, aren't I?

I love your snowman. I collect snowmen and put them out every Christmas season. I love that (unlike the rest of my Christmas decorations) I can leave them out past Christmas. I live in Eastern WA (like your parents) and so we have winter weather for quite a while.

oh he is so cute, I love how you are using the old sheet music in your crafting! My favorite Christmas Decor is my Snowman collection. I have been collecting for about 10 years now, but no regular snowman will do, each one has to have character, a personality!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!

What a cutie! I enjoy the adventures on the farm, but I love your crafty side even more. Hmm, favorite decoration? I would have to say Mr. & Mrs. Claus ornaments made out of clothes pins and felt. They are older than me and used to hang on my dad's tree. I inherited them. And, even though they are falling apart, they are still my favorite because they remind me of Christmas at home.

oh my goodness, its hard to pick a favorite holiday decoration but I have a soft spot for the tag with the sweet little girl holding the little hand muff....its design so reminds me of Christmas paper from when I was a child and I use to have a little rabbit fur muff in the shape of a heart that I adored

Well the lights of course! I love when the outside of my home is purty!

I like decorations, like this snowman, that can stay out long past the holiday.

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