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Hmmm...not sure which is my fav...but we do have a really old antique figurine of santa that I like and hope to inherit!

I would love to have this ornament made by you. I am a huge snowman fan for my tree ornaments (and Peanuts). Thanks for the chance. I will also try to cut out my own snowman pattern on chip board. I am now scouring the recycle center looking for old sheet music.

My favorite Christmas decorations are my Cherished Teddies Nativity set and my Teddy bear decorated Christmas tree. Love the snowman. TFS Ann Lind

By the time I finished reading about "Dixie's Dumbo", I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes! Fave ornament has to be anything crystal, anything shiny!

Sweet Snowman! I love the sparkle! My favorite decorations have to be gingerbread men. I love them and keep my home filled with them even after the holiday. They just make me smile.

What a sweet little snowman. I absolutely love him/her. Besides all the wonderful ornaments my daughters have made over the years, I would have to say my collection of Nutcrackers are my favorite decorations.

What a SWEET snowman! Your creativity is so inspiring!!
Christmas is such a blessed time of year. With angels singing on high over our Savior's birth I delight in displaying my many angel figurines that family and friends have shared with me over the years. A few snowmen find their way into my heart too!!

Oh my, oh my, another bee-u-tea-ful creation! My favorite x-mas decoration is a vintage glass ornament that belonged to my grandpa but it's so fragile that I don't hang it on my tree anymore but I take it out and look at it! Thanks for the chance to win your cutie pie snowman!

I just LOVE this handsome guy! What a cute decoration. He is so cool with the music, and the sparkles are wonderful! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!
My favorite is a white velvet Santa that my Grandmother gave me when I had her first great grandchild. It always stood on her grand piano, and every year I find a special place for him to be. He's such a great memory of past Christmases with my family.

I collect vintage Santas, so that would have to be my answer...bu I have a fair amount of snowmen, snowflakes & candy canes as well! I LOVE Christimas!!

Darling snowman! Favorite decoration...hmmm might just be the DP covered stocking I cased from your blog! Made some for friends and they all LOVED them!

Oh that is sooo cute, Anna! Love the musical notes and the sparkle! M

My fave decoration is our tree. Since I met Jason it's all about the real tree since he has worked for many years on a Tree Farm during the holidays. We used to have an artificial one due to family allergies (including me!) But I love going to cut it down now and then bringing out all of the special ornaments that we've collected though the years! I only sneeze for the first few days :)

What a darling, DARLING snowman!!! Our favorite tradition is our cookie baking day. We get together, bake a bazillion cookies and snack all day! The kids decorate gingerbread houses. It's the perfect day for 4 generations of family!

It is a toss up between snowmen & snowflakes! I collect both!! This snowman is soooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

he is just so darn cute!! would so love to win! I collect christmas trees in all sizes and different mediums. a cute little snowman would look perfect with them!
wishing you the best holiday season!

He is soooo cute! My favorite holiday decoration is a wooden reindeer that I got at a craft show years ago. He is holding a strand of lights. I set him under my Christmas tree to make it look like he is hanging the lights.


so daggone cute! this is the only kind of snowman i want to see this winter...i am still sick of all the snow we had last winter...come on summer, come back to me soon!

What a cutie! My favorite holiday decorations have got to be the ornaments that my son made while he was younger...he may only be 15 now but I know those crafty school projects are long gone! lol!

As usual, he's adorable. I would have a hard time cutting up sheet music, but he's so cute it would be worth it. My favorite decoration is an obnoxious whistling bird ornament, that my dad and brother always hated on the tree... makes me smile every time I plug it in! :)

Love your snowman! My favorite decorations are things the grandkids make at school. They are made with love for me and that's what makes them so special.

My favorite holiday decorations are all the handmade ornaments my son has made me over the years. The snowman is adorable and I would love to add him to my collection.

He is so cute! My favorite decoration is all the kids' ornaments they've been given over the years. We have so much fun looking unwrapping and hanging each one.

OH!!!! He is Adorable!!!! My favorite Christmas "Motif" is Holly...but my favorite specific Holiday Decoration is a 10" tall Santa Moon Candle my father made fo rme, it is a sliver moon shaped like a Santa's head...Hard to explain, but made with love and Amazing detail!

Mt favorite decorations are the handmade ornaments that I have received over the years. I trasure the hard work and love that goes into each item.

Anna this is darling! Gosh it's hard to pick a favorite of all my decorations. I love Christmas. I guess my top pick would be my Nativity set followed closely behind by the entire Christmas tree filled with tons of ornaments collected over the years. This snowman would make a wonderful addition to that collection.

What a cute little snow man! My favorite decoration is the Christmas Tree... I could throw everything else away, but I have to have a tree to make it feel like the holidays.

Goody gumdrops! A chance to win this darling little fella! My favorite holiday decorations are a ceramic Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, hand-painted and given to us by my aunt.

Love the snowman--he is just so cute--would just love to hang him on my tree!! And my favorite christmas ornament is a christmas boot that my grandma made and I loved it since I was just little and it was passed on to me :)

My favorite decoration is a sad, ugly, little plastic Rudolph that my Granny used to put under her tree. After she died, it went under the tree at my parent's house. Now that sad little guy goes under my Christmas tree. One day it will hopefully go under the tree at one of my children's houses. It wouldn't be the same without that little guy parked under the tree.

My fav decoration(s) have to be snowmen because you can start putting them out in November and leave out till Feb....And nobody seems to be offended by having a snowman...verses Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays...

My favorite Christmas ornaments is an old set of bubble lights that have been in the family since the 1950's. When they heat up the liquid in the tubes bubbles. I love them. I love this snowman too. They are another favorite of mine and I keep some of my snowmen collections up year around. Your snowman is adorable!

Hi Anna
My favorite christmas decoration is anything sparkly ! Especially this year, I really am gonna need the sparkles and lots of it. Even if I don't win this I still your site , a pic of pixie dust brightens my day

your snowman is adorable and I would love to win it! My favorite Xmas decoration is the nativity.

I love, love snowmen!!! This one is especially cute! My house is covered in decorations for Christmas. Lots of lights, trees, etc. I must admit that while I love everything, the decorations that put a smile on my face are those modge podge baby food jars which double as tea candle holders my kids made in kindergarten (kids now 14 & 17!) I put them out every year with groans from the kids...I just smile!

Ooh yeah baby...I'd love an Anna original! How can I have ONE favorite decoration?! I have a collection of mini Christmas trees, made of bark, feathers, beads, pinecones, etc...that I love to display-I think I'd be lost without my tree collection!

And how cute would that snowman look display among the tree's, huh? HUH?

Have a great day Anna!

Oh my Goodness He Is So Cute!! I adsolutely adore Snowmen, They are one of my All time Favorites...along with Pigs..LOL...but I Love em!!
I get out all my Snowmen and have them everywhere with my decorations....Would love to have him come to my house to hang out with the rest of them!
So sweet to give him away..Thanks in advance for your generosity...And have fun continueing with your Holiday Projects.

Oh so cute!! I love all my decorations but I must say my favorite is a Manatee which my husband and I got after we swam with the Manatees last year.

Ohh, how cute is this snowman. Is he a die cut or did you make your own pattern? I have lots of favorite ornaments and there is no way I can pick just one - most of my favorites are ones that were given to me or that we picked up on travels.

I love, love, love snowmen! Yours is so cute. How clever to use the old sheet music! Your blog inspires me!

Oh my goodness is right! I ADORE your snowman. I would love to win him/her. My all time favorite decorations are the ornaments my grandmother made years ago. She would create some of the cutest things with felt. She would stuff them and then embellish them with sequins and rhinestones, glitter and whatever else she could come up with. The holidays are not as much fun without her. Thanks for sharing your holiday festivities.

My favorite holiday decoration would be the stockings hung by the chimney. Knowing they will be filled will lots of goodies and gifts come Christmas morning. Yippee!

Your snowman is stinkin cute. He would look so cute hanging on my mom's door. She is in a long term nursing facility and I try to decorate her room for each holiday. Of course I love the lights (more the better) and my snowman decorations but I guess my favorite is the homemade star that is on our Christmas tree. My husband made it out of cardboard and glitter when we were first married. That was 30 years ago. Needless to say it is a little worn but still looks good. Thanks for a great give-a-way.

My favorite decorations are my ornaments. LOTs of vintage glass ornaments, handmade beaded snowflakes, and (of which this guy would fit right in)! I have a question for you. Where do you purchase your vintage sheet music?


I think my favorite decoration is the 10-12 foot christmas tree we get. Its so fun going out ot cut it down and hang all my ornaments on it. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Wow what a cutie!!! My favourite decorations are the Disney garnet christmas balls - so shiny and elegant with a little mickey head and brass caps. Our trees (we do 2) and one is garnet and browns with gold and the other one is blue with teal and silver accents. Love Christmas!!!

Cookies!LOL! In our basement, its my husbands novelty candle collection (over 300), main floor, my old santas and on the 2nd floor, snowmen! So your little guy would have lots of company! Thanks for sharing!

I love the vintage Santas! And of course snowmen, especially the cute chubby cheek guys, they are my favorite winter decor.

He's adorable!! I love snowmen and snowflakes. One of my all time favorite decorations, that I wish I had, is a chipboard or wood stocking that you made with the fabulous snowflake embellishment. Too cute! BTW, where do you find rustic colored jingle bells? I can't seem to find them anywhere!

My favorite holiday decorations are my huge collection of snowmen and I absolutely LOVE yours!!! I wonder if he's thinking that the vertical music lines are making him look thinner than horizontal lines would??? As always, your creations are the BEST!!!

I love this!!!!! My favorite decorations are ornaments on a Christmas tree - they usually all have a story and it fun remembering where each one came from or what it represents.

Anna, I'm lovim' all of your decorations this year. Especially the way you are using the sheet music. My favorite Christmas decorations are the ornaments my husband and I have collected over the years. We like ones that are natural and homemade. Our favs are ones we picked up in Germany when we got engaged. It's two little girls and their bodies are made out of an acorn and tiny pinecone. I love looking at all the different ornaments on our tree because it reminds me of great memories we have shared.

Love the felt tree top star that I made for our first christmas tree so many years ago. It tops our tree each year!

An old cream colored plastic church. It is lit from within with a single tree light bulb. It was damaged - too close to some heat many years ago, but Christmas wasn't Christmas until the old church was lit. One year when I was a child, I made an angel chorus to stand around the tree. It is now at least 60 years old but I still have it. Unfortunately, it won't be a part of our celebration this year as it is in a moving box, but next year it will return!

My preference for favorite decorations are the Hallmark ornaments my adult children have collected since they were babies (or rather, I collected for them until they were old enough to choose for themselves.) As they grew older they put a lot of thought into which ornament to get, and how it related to events in their life that year (i.e. a little football bear for the football player son, a cheerleader bear for the daughter, a vintage car to denote the car they acquired eventually.) Now in their 30's, the 'kids' cherish their ornaments and look forward each Christmas to unpacking them, lovingly remembering each holiday and all the family memories. Priceless to a Mom!

This is so adorable....I love it....if I don't win (which I doubt)I will have to make one.....thank you for sharing.....
Oh and my favorite decoration is garland around all my inside/outside doors.....all with white lights....

My favorite Holiday decoration is an little felt elf ornament that always hung on my mothers tree and my daughter loved it so much that when Mom passed away we got it and now it hangs on our tree each year and will be on my duaghters tree someday too.

Um yeah, my favorite holiday decoration . . .anything you've created!! From the rustic super glittery snowflakes to the wooden stockings covered in festive paper to this super adorable snowman - I love them all!! Is this another die I have to add to my growing list?!?!

I love snowmen. I put out my collection after Thanksgiving and then pack it up New Years day. I love having all my snowmen around me especially since I live in So Cal. We don't get snow so I can't have the real thing in my yard.

My fave decoration is the Anna Wight Snowman that's gonna hang on my tree this year! I honestly don't have a favourite ornament, I love them all equally.

My favorite decoration is the Willow Tree Nativity Set. I like the rural rustic look. Thanks for the chance to win your awesome Snowman--here in IL we get lots of snow.

My favorite decoration is this little paper star. When I was little we didn't have much money so my mom cut a star out of the sturdy cover of a magazine and covered that w tin foil. It spent many years at the top of our tree! I still have that star and while it doesn't go on the tippy top (husband prefers an angel) it goes on right below it.

My favorite holiday decoration is snowmen and kitties :-) The live ones that sit in the middle of the tree, hehe! As long as they don't knock it over, it's fun to see their faces peaking out from between the branches!

"Candles burning, candles burning, draw nearer, draw nearer; in the glowing, in the glowing, come sing and be merry" BONEY M

I love the glow of candlelight and the smell of fresh pine and cedar greens best, especially in my kitchen. That is the place where I try to create and capture all the comfort, warmth, peace and spicy smells that lift a heart during this time of year--the door and the "spirit" is open to anyone who would like to enter in and absorb some of it up. Of course, there are so many other elements that add to the whole decor, but the candles and pine are the highlights.

You are creating your own things that you love so dearly, like this musical little snow fellow--what a gift that you will part with him--that's all part of the sharing spirit and you bless us all regardless of whether we end up with him or not. Thanks Anna.

I just love snowman and you can never have enough. This is absolutely adorable. I love the way you used the sheet music!
Sue Kennedy

Snowmen in general are my favourite Christmas decorations. I have many different ones, most recently a stuffed snowWOman, all dressed up for the cold to go with my long wooden legged, stuffed snowman (who stands about 3' high). They make such a cute couple.

My favorite decoration is my family Christmas tree that is all done in red and gold that I keep adding to every year. Then there's always the neighborhood house lights that glow when covered with all the snow! Beautiful!

Well I LOVE all snowmen but since "decoration" can encompass many things I'm going to say pine trees. Even undecorated they're beautiful and the fresh pine smell is incredible.

Absolutely precious snowman--brought a much-needed smile to my face this a.m.! My favorite decorations are any that my kiddos, family, or friends have made or given. Also, I try to buy one as a memento whenever we go on a vacation, so those are special too. :)

snowmen of course! I have an awesome collection!
I LOVE yours! TFS!

What a heartwarming snowman! He looks quite dapper in that vintage scarf you've given him. My favorite holiday decoration is a snowmen trio I made from three paint stir sticks that I painted and hot glued into a wood base. The base has a slit cut into it with the router and the paint sticks fit snugly in the slit.

Hey Anna! My favorite holiday decoration is all the beautiful lights. Such a wonderful pick up to a cold and drab time of the year.

Love this snowman and would love more details on him!


Hi Anna -- I love the snowman! My favorite holiday decoration is a music box snowglobe that was a gift to my family many years ago. The whole family likes to take it out and turn it on right away when we're decorating for Christmas!

My favorite decoration? It's absolutely all of my Christmas tree ornaments. I love getting them out and looking at each one deciding on where to place them. I rotate my ornaments to the front of the tree because I have so many that are special. I love my tree!! And I love this snowman. He's look pretty darn cute nestled in some garland on my mantle!

my favorite ornament is the angel that tops our tree. we bought it for our first Christmas after our oldest daughter was born, and it was put on every tree there after. We have now been married 53 years and I still love her.

My favorite ornament is one that I've had since 1972--a Raggedy Ann ornament that I won at a Christmas party. We had a house fire earlier in the year and this was my first replacement ornament. The tree was sparse that year and I've acquired many ornaments over the years, but Raggedy Ann always goes on first and is put right in the front of the tree.

I love, love, LOVE! Christmas ornaments!

What a great looking fella!!

My favorite holiday decorations are my Swarovski ornaments - I've collected them since 1998 so I'm expecting my 13th this year. I love the way they catch the light and create little sparkles and rainbows. (They don't go on the tree as they have their own ornament tree for stability).

I love anything that you make, so at the time being my favorite is the snowman. The gingerbread tags were so cute, I keep hoping you may decide to put them in your Etsy shop!

This is an easy question...lol I love Ornaments. Vintage ornament are my favorite. Handmades are even better.

:) Hope I win this little guy. He will be a major plus to my handmade ornaments.

Thanks for your Kindness Anna.

So cute! My favorite decoration is a beautiful wooden tree that I received from my coworker a few years back.

Oh Anna your snowman is lovely.....I collect snowmen but since moving to Arizona it doesn't seem right to get them out every year so I just dress up my hutch in the kitchen with some of them. He would look great sitting amongst them! My favourite decoration is the original snowman ornament by Raymand Briggs that my nephew brought me before I left England the movie is still my fav holiday watch even though my boys are 19 & 16 !!!

I love holiday decorations. I love our nativity set, and some handmade glass blown icecicles are on the tree. I also have a snowman collection, so this little guy would fit right in , lol.

Too cute! Love that you used sheet music for your snow dude!

I love your snowman. My favorite holiday decoration is our Christmas tree. We put it in our hallway just outside my stamp room and family room and fill it with ornaments, many of which are handmade by my kids.

Hi Anne, Oh I love your sheet music snowman~just adorable! My favorite decoration is a brown felt gingerbread man that my mother made probably 20 years ago. She's gone now~miss her alot. I just love knowing her hands touched it~makes me feel I still have a part of her. Hugs Linda

He is ADORABLE!!! I have 2 favorites! First and foremost is BLING! I love, love, love any decoration that has bling on it! And my second fave is our manger scene. It was built by my uncle and given to my mom when she was first married to my dad. It has been in the family since 1941 and I am now the proud owner of the manger! Can't wait to put it out!!!

Anna, I loved your snowman. And all the cards you make. You are SO talented.

Anna, I just had to comment on this little fella even without a chance to win him!! I love everything about him - his upturned head and stitched fly-away scarf, and the sheet music is truly inspired! He's a sweetie!

Sound Good? YES !!! I love your creations. :) (You already know that.)
My favorite Holiday decorations. Hmmm, Snowmen. I have boxes of them. Tree is completely covered with them as is the rest of the house. Then I can leave it all up past January 1st :) Like Feb. maybe !!!

He is soooo sweet. I love the sheet music as his clothing..hehe. I think my favorite decoration is my tree and all the handmade ornaments my kids have made over the years. My girls all come home for Thanksgiving and we go into the mountains and cut down our own tree. Along with a few snowball fights. Then we come home and have soup and hot chocolate while we decorate. When I see all those old ornaments I realize how fast time goes..
This is really sweet Anna.. Love all the detail. Thanks for a chance to win.

I love everything snowman ... I love that snowmen can stay out for a good long time after Christmas too. Snowmen make me smile!

I love this snowman! My favorite holiday decor is snowmen because I can leave them out til Valentine's day. Ü

He is so cute and adorable, just makes you want to grab him and give him *hugs*
All thou I collect snowmen, my favorite is my lighted Star tree topper. Just reminds me of all the angels (our dear ones) that are being held in heavens arms.

He is SOSOSOSO sweet Anna!!
I have been collecting Santas for years now and always have a great time putting them out every year!!

WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!! My favourite! I actually do very little chrsitmas decorating, as we rarely have events at our house, so I take the lazy way out. But I love me my lights!!!
And I looooove that snowman!

I don't know if I have a favorite... all the decorations of Christmas make it so magical. But certainly the one item in our house that is enjoyed every season is the Boyds Bear tree topper. It seems that a tradition has been started where 'magically' we forget to put him on first and then once the tree is decorated we all take turns trying to toss him onto his perch. The joke is always that the poor bear has to sit for several weeks with a tree up its butt... I know, not very Christmas-y... but a tradition my kids adore nonetheless.

I like to use a different theme each year for my tree and being 70 years plus I have quite a collection-crocheted angels and snowflakes, snowmen and shiny ornaments are some of my favs.

Would love to have that darling snowman to add to my collection!!

I love to decorate with snowman. They are fun because they are all so different. There little faces are cute too. It's as if they come alive when I create them. Also another plus you can keep the snowmen out up until Feburary.

Oh, what a CUTIE!!! I love snowmen. Well, I'd have to say that my Nativity Scene would be my fav.

Your snowman is beautiful! My favorite holiday decoration is a fresh cut tree. But I can't help remembering as a kid we always bought those boxes of silver tinsel. You could get really detailed only putting on 3 strands at a time, or you could take a handful and toss it on! LOL.

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