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Glad to hear that Dumbo got the hang of it! Silly calf!

Glad things are going well now with Dixie's Dumbo, Anna. Sorry to hear about your fever. Hope it doesn't go the way my boy's went this week--full blown mono!! We are treating with some naturopathic stuff that helped his brother come back to "normal" in two weeks!! He is still sleeping lots, but is feeling okay otherwise and is off his fluid diet.

I'm sorry to hear you are sick, Anna. I hope you are feeling better soon.

We had rain and snow here on Friday. Didn't measure it, but I imagine and inch. Inch and a half? of snow. Some is still on the ground on the North side of houses and yards.

I wish you could send Dumbo to me. I'd love him and kiss him and he'd be my best friend. Wait! Wrong book!

Well, dear little Dumbo was not a quick study, but I'm happy to hear that he's figuring out how it all works. (I feared he would stand at the chute for his meal forever!) Hope you get to feeling better soon. Loved your precious photos.

I sure hope you kick that fever and pronto! Here in VA we've had some terrible head colds, my carotid sinus is killing me and making my top teeth ache; Minime had bronchitis to boot. But a fever? You might consider some antibiotics. Feel better soon.


Bravo! to Dumbo
Great pictures!
Ohio has had weather in the 70's all week . . . great days for November.
Have a great day Anna.

I'm glad to hear that Dumbo finally wised up and started doing what baby calves are supposed to do. It's good for baby and mama as well. Hopefully Dumbo will continue to do well.

We had our first snow of three inches here which definitely ended the growing season. Have a great farm day and Thanksgiving.

Awwwww...great to hear Dumbo is nursing on his own! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the share! I grew up in small town Nebraska around farm country and miss it sometimes.

Cute faces today. Love your farm posts too. Glad to hear that Dumbo finally got it all sorted out. Silly boy!

Baby Dumbo looks so content in the photo ... it's like "I don't know what all the fuss is about ... I'm doing just fine". We don't realize just how much dedication it takes to operate a farm environment but you and Alan sure are the shining stars in the farming world! Hope you are feeling better today.

The calf is beautiful! Så cute!

Hope the fever is soon gone!

Have a nice sunday! Here in Norway its fathersday to day :)

Hugs from Desiree in Hammerfest

Oh the little cows are so pretty!!! I love the farm photos. Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

awwww to all the farm babies!!! livin' the good life you are woman!!!!

I'm so sorry you're under the weather - but I am very glad for the posts about the babies (and the kitty). I love seeing how the animals are doing just as much as I love your art posts. That has something to do with the awesome photography, I'm sure!

Hugs! Feel better soon.

Love your photos. Dumbo is soooo cute. I'm glad that he has figured out how to eat without your assistance.

YEAH Dumbo !!! So glad you are not going to have to continue to deal with all that especially when you are not feeling really good. Get better quick. Hugs...

I know how you feel. We have an assortment of bottle fed babies that have grown into fine young Brahmans.

We went through a rash of the swollen udder problems with some of our heifers. Many times it works itself out after a few days but when it doesn't, you do end up with a bottle fed baby.

If you need any guidance, let me know. We have never lost a calf yet (although we recently lost a baby donkey, which was quite sad).

Good luck to you and little Dumbo!


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