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Babies, babies everywhere! What fun! Looks like Dumbo is off and running--he's a nice lookin' little guy. Glad they're both doing well.

What cuties they are! For some reason Dumbo's face gave me the giggles. I think he's going to be a fun boy.

I love, love, love these pics! They are all so sweet. Thanks for always making me smile.

Oh my, they have such adorable faces!! Thank you for showing us.

Beautiful warm sunshine photos. Such cute babies. Thanks for my a.m. smile. Hugs...

Heartwarming. Thanks for bringing a smile into my morning.

Love your pics of the babies!

I can't believe how much Dumbo has grown and changed in such a short time. He's got a real "dude" expression!

I can't believe how much Dumbo has grown and changed in such a short time. He's got a real "dude" expression!

The babies are so darn cute! Love seeing your photos! Thanks for sharing!

Get out that dehorning paste, and those slick round heads will always be that way. Picking flowers in the pasture will be a lot safer too....Love, Dad

They are SOOOOoooo adorable ~ maybe, just maybe even cuter then my favorite Boxcar Betty Gal:)
Do you think you could Federal Express one to me?

They look so precious at this age, don't they? Dumbo has really changed in the last week since I've seen him. Quite the independent little man, isn't he? Can hardly wait to see him again. And Pixie Stix too.

Oh my gosh! Todays pics are absolutely fabulous! I love following the herd!

Beautiful photography and they are darling!

What gorgeous photos. I love coming here and seeing pics of your animals as well as your crafty stuff. Thanks so much for sharing.

Oh my goodness! How Beautiful!

Sweethearts :-)

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