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Awwwww, what a sweet baby! Mama is about to explode! Baby better get busy with the drinking business!

How about Dixie Cup? ..in keeping with pixie stick and pixie dust? Your beautiful photos make it hard for me eat beef! You must be a vegetarian. Your love for these animals shows through in your photographs.

How fun! Calves are so cute, especially your tiny ones. Guess it will be naming time soon. I always love to hear what you decide for a name. Since you don't know the sex yet makes it hard to name it. LOL My mind is already churning up some ideas. :D

Hmmm, it looks like Houdini was busy! This one sure looks alot like the last calf born. :) Poor Dixie, ouch. Looking forward to seeing more info and some names . Hugs...

Hi Dad,
Yes, the vet has looked at her, and she doesnt have mastitis. Just giant boobies. I guess you could say that it runs in the family..... :)


There is just no way to describe this other than mastitis. Has your Vet,taken a look at her other than from the road? As far as her temperament goes....Well just think Hindenburg as in blimp! I just dont recall anything in my 60 years of wandering that really comes close to this example....Oh the pain!......Love?......Dad my chest hurts!

FANTASTIC! The baby is a beauty, and I'm sure Dixie wishes it would nurse NOW! haha
Congrats on the new little calf, I would love to get me some good bovine love from it! I love baby calves! And that camo picture is GREAT! You really COULD use that for a camo pattern!!!
I hope you have a wonderful, restful, fun weekend. (are all those possible together???) :D

I can't believe how strong and sturdy the little calf looks already ... certainly not like new born puppies! Congrats to Miss Dixie!

Such an adorable baby, I think Dixie could use some time with a lactation consultant :)

What a cutie! I love her/his soft brown color, and boy blends right into the fauna around the farm.

Wow, those are some low hanging udders!!! How cute having babies running about the place. Let us know if it's a boy or girl cow.

Beautiful calf! Dixie needs to nurse two of them to help her reduce that udder, poor girl, must be hard to walk!


Congrats on the new ones to the farm. The miracle of new life is always so precious.

Looks like a bull calf to me, but, hey, I need new glasses so I'm not laying any bets. :)
Did you name the new heifer yet?

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