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Ah,...Huckleberry bounce... A "cordial" pardon the spelling. It is made with "Shine" or "Everclear" Vodka can be used if you must but use the "high Test" stuff. 1 cup of berries, I prefer huckleberries that have been "frosted" but do realize that many cant be so picky. Blueberries, raspberries or any berries that you may have even Elderberries (extra sugar). 1 cup of sugar get a larger bottle for this as it makes a more consistent batch. One "fifth" of the hooch combine with the sugar and fruit and mix well desolving the sugar, it is not necessary to crush the fruit. Pour the mix into the bigger jug and let it "work for 30 days or so then strain through a seive lined with fine cloth to catch the seeds and pulp which will soften and fall apart,I shake it once in a while before straining. Place the finished product into bottles for "presentation". Shine or Everclear is usually 190 proof this is a sippin' drink! Warning..... This has been known to lower inhibitions and can lead to the "arrival" of "unexpected children".........wanted or not...Love, Dad

I've missed a couple days!! I was shoebox swapping with some local crafty gals (7 of us) and we did a Christmas theme. Inspired by a cute place card idea from that swap, I've been busy with my Sizzix Primitive Stars!!! Have you started with yours?!!

Holiday Drinks--mmmmmm! My fave is drinking the apple cider we have pressed from our tree, cold and "straight up"!! We freeze it and pull it out as we need it. At Christmas I love warming it up with some mulling spice. Congrats to Mel, but that'd blow off my boots!! Anna, I woke up to a big puffy winter wonderland this morning. It didn't stay because the ground is still too warm, but I couldn't believe it had snowed enough to accumulate so much!!

One more comment - had to go back & read all the fave winter drinks. What fun, love your Dad's & the "cousin Eddies." Must tell my husband, he will love both, but it's hard to get a hold of Huckleberries where we live. Now I'm thirsty for a good eggnog & brandy! But will have to wait until after work.

Congrats to Mel! That sounds like a great way to wind down the day, but I would need to purchase some Crown Royal. Happy Weekend to everyone.

Like Mel, I read every word, just not soon enough to get in on the last one by a whopping 10 minutes! Would like your Dad's recipe, too! What a cool name. Huckleberry bounce!

Anna, I would love to know your hot choc recipe. I've been trying to find the best one and we haven't yet.

Congrats Mel ... I want to see one of your projects after you have enjoyed your Crown Royal and Hot Chocolate!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! This calls for a BIG splash of Crown Royal. HAHAHA!!!

Congrats, Mel!
Anna, what the heck is huckleberry bounce?

Congrats Mel, you are one lucky girl!
Have a fun Friday all, hugs...

Congrats to Mel!!
I tried your craft ink painting technique. Turned out well. Posted the cards to show up on my blog this Saturday.
Tell me what you think!

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